KITTEN Releases Debut Eclectic Pop Rock EP “Pink Champagne”KITTEN Releases Debut Eclectic Pop Rock EP “Pink Champagne”


They did it!

Pop-rock band KITTEN finally did it! They released their highly anticipated EP Pink Champagne, and once again charmed us with their fun, eclectic, 80’s pop sound. For those of you who don’t know KITTEN, they may be your next favorite band, and for those of you who do know them, well here’s some more to love. Pink Champagne is a fun summer project that has you by the heart strings and takes you away to a place you’d rather be with your friends.

It’s the kind of song you’d want at a party and the kind you’d blast in your car. It’s an EP that would soundtrack a day-in-the-life-of montage pretty perfectly if need be. The 4 track EP consists of a range of sounds from fast-tempo to slow-tempo, from hard rock, to bubble-gum pop, there’s a little taste of each in this sampler project. Chloe’s voice is strong and fun and the music backdrops that for her wonderfully. “Pink Champagne”, the lead track is an intense, honest, and exciting track to hear first when you begin the listening process to the project. “I Did It!” is thatsummer vibe song I mentioned earlier, and the track that is most reminiscent of the 80s. “Strange Embrace” is the one that reminds me the most of the power of bands like Fleetwood Mac because the whole production comes together so fluidly in the track. Lastly, “Abigail” is the enchanting slow song that every project needs. It’s a little more on the Halsey-side of sounds, and best demonstrates the group’s total musical range. Every song has a personality of its own that fits human existence pretty well, and that’s what makes this a successful project.

I had a chance to chat with the 4-member band and ask their lead singer Chloe a few questions about the making of the EP, the band itself, and the fun personalities that exists in the group.

Chloe grew up originally in LA and started the band KITTEN years ago as a teenager. After putting together her first track and performing it live in NYC for a bit, she met Dave Stagno who became the keys, guitars, and vocals to her team, followed by Max Tsiring on keys, and Parker Silzer on guitar.

She delved into her past and how music had even entered her world to begin with, saying “My dad was/is a huge music fan, and brought me up on really great records. There was always an instrument in my house, and when I was 10 years old he bought me a bass. I guess you can say the rest is history…”

I was curious to know who this sassy, energetic band found as influences in their field as a lot of their music tends to sound like 80’s, Madonna-esque pop, mixed with a little indie-rock vibe.

Chloe explained, “We definitely all have a shared love of music from the 80s, Madonna included. We don’t deliberately set out to evoke that time period, but it’s hard to avoid when you’re using certain synth sounds and harmonies. While writing our latest record we tried to incorporate aspects of our favorite artists from past eras like Roxy Music, Prefab Sprout, and Pulp as well as newer artists like Ariel Pink, Tame Impala, and Grimes. We could name bands forever, but you get the point haha!”

Of course I had to ask the songstress my favorite question on what word she would use to describe herself, which she quickly responded with “martian”. A very cool answer, for sure. After, I asked if the group could pick a song or piece of work that they have produced to best describe them as a whole, they agreed that their latest EP Pink Champagnedid the job.

Curious about the process of creation, Chloe patiently described it to me like this: “We wrote and recorded the EP at Mixtape Club, a recording studio in Manhattan where Parker worked, over the past year. It was an extremely collaborative process between the four of us. Everyone has writing credit and it was the first time the band self-produced a release. Basically we just made sure that every member was happy with every track, which sometimes made the process slow and challenging, but led to a batch of songs that we can get behind 100%.”

Chloe also gave me a little insight into what her biggest piece of advice to other aspiring artists would be. “Prioritize communication and respectful relationships between members. When everyone’s goal is to be really good and everyone can learn to not take criticism personally, the music gets better naturally”, she humbly answers.


Speaking woman-to-woman, I wanted to know what was one thing she absolutely needed to complete her concert look. “Depends on your height, but platform heels can be pretty helpful.” Here for it.

A little fun fact about each of the band members:

Chloe: I don’t really like cats LOL.

Dave: I deliver pizza for spare cash.

Max: I didn’t know what a sleeping bag was until two days ago.

Parker: I just quit my job! AHHH! Wish me luck!

So what are KITTEN #OnTheVerge of? “We are #ontheverge of being halfway through our first major U.S.A. tour with this lineup. It’s been a crazy, hectic learning experience, but we’re meeting amazing people, making fans, and getting to know the great guys in Blue October (for whom we’re opening).” The band is really looking forward to releasing their full-length record this fall, and jumping right into the next one. With a whole set of new tools and experiences, they are ready to use them in their new material!

It was a pleasure chatting with Chloe and to hear from her and the band about this awesome, emerging act. KITTEN is on the right path, and it’s exciting to see how far they’ll continue to climb the ladder!

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R&B Singer Phé Croons Her Way To You in New Single “Feel You”


In Your Feels

Phé is an R&B singer/songwriter who has just released the charismatic single “Feel You”. Like any R&B song, it’s seductive, it’s heartfelt, and it has you jamming to the tune. There’s a kind of aura that Phé offers in her music that is angelic and forceful. The song has the perfect melody for a summer R&B jam. It puts you in a vivid  daydream of your own thoughts.

What is gorgeous about the song as well is that it’s simple. It still contains an electronic undertone to fit with a pop/mainstream vibe, but it also positions itself in a left-of-center, chill hit kind of place that is just ear-captivating enough for you to keep listening. Take it in. The song is like a long deep breath after emotions have knocked you to the point of exhaustion. It’s a song of self-acceptance and self-understanding. By identifying and really admitting to yourself your current state of mind, you can better create and better cope with the pain that you endure.

Processed with VSCO with av8 preset

What is lovely about Phé’s strength and abilities is that she sounds comfortable with her own vocals and that allows her to command her volume and sound. Meet the new Ella Mai, NAO, Emily Sandé, or Sabrina Claudio! “Feel You” is alift up, reminding you that you’re not alone in heartache. Her falsetto elegantly and fluidly traces the wounds.

The R&B crooner whispers in the song:

“We were the answer to the questions I was breathing, now we’re the questions that I just can’t  seem to believe in / No I don’t want you back babe, I’m done grieving / Just want to feel your love, need a reminder oh / I just want to feel you, one last time”.

When asked about what the single was inspired by, Phé responded, “‘Feel You’ is based on true experience and was actually a huge part of my healing process at the time. I wrote the first version of the song about 3 years ago, after going through a really hard break up, during a period where I really wanted to be able to heal and move on, but everything around me kept reminding me of this person and the relationship we had. I was really struggling to admit that I wasn’t doing well because I wanted to believe that I was better off or that he didn’t have the power to hurt me, but by treating myself like that and judging how I was feeling, I only made things worse”.

Processed with VSCO with av8 preset

She continues, “So, the song talks about the process of accepting where I was emotionally, recognizing the spaces in my life where this person still seemed to exist, and then trying to disassociate or separate him from those spaces. Beyond that, the song is about just trying to understand the parts of me that wanted to be able to experience and feel that same kind of love again, while also fearing the possibility of allowing myself to get hurt all over by opening myself up”.

Phé is a graduate from Berklee College of Music, where she had the chance to explore her own sound and artistry. Her debut single “Incredible” was a result of those 4 years. I asked her how she got into music in the first place, to which she reflected, “I’ve always been a super musical person! And grew up being very imaginative and theatrical. I always loved performing, whether that was theatre, dance, or music. It didn’t really matter, as long as I got to use my imagination and play characters and perform, I was happy. My little sister and I could make up our own plays and make our parents sit and watch us perform them. And I was always making up songs and singing rather than talking ahah. Music was just how I communicated really”.

Now, the artist resides in LA. Phé explains, “It’s definitely been a huge transition period, and lots of my time here has been about just learning as much as I can — both about the industry, myself, my music, and what I see for myself and my life”. She has had the chance to experience a few internships, working with female artists such Ella Vos and Solange. She had a chance to then tour with Ella Vos for some time as a backup vocalist!

The artist is currently preparing her next couple singles and an upcoming EP titled Crisis. “Just trying to keep creating!”, she exclaims. And she will continue to create, so be on the look out for this rising star as she releases more incredible material.

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Dylan Owen and Brian Petchers Bring Life Lesson to “Break Some Ice”

Go ahead, break some ice

New York-based emcee, Dylan Owen is a man of many words. He is a man of lyrics, lessons, and lullabies. The man who speaks of wonders that only exist in our heads. He brings them out to dance so that we can gloriously imagine their unique characteristics and the endless forms of life that come with these daydreams. Owen now has a new piece that he shares today, June 1, titled Break Some Ice, which is a life lesson of human nature and human existence. It’s exactly what the title is, to “break some ice”, break through the barriers and seize your moment. This confessional, storyteller has earned quite a loyal fan following.

“I’m from a small town upstate in the state of New York. I didn’t grow up involved in a music scene and we didn’t have too musical of a house. Instead music was kind of always my journal or diary or private way of documenting my life and giving my self-expression a healthy outlet where I could talk about deeply personal things in coded, secretive language. Nowadays I am still documenting my life but also am able to find other people who feel like I do, and hopefully remind those people that they aren’t completely alone in going through their life experiences.” The poet explains to me the humble beginnings of his art and their transformation. He continues, “When I started out I would rap at my older brother’s band practices and during soundcheck at local shows, get seriously into poetry contests in school, and write longform short stories at home on our family computer. That all eventually turned into me recording my own songs and performing them at coffeeshops and open mics and super small shows that I would bring all of my friends out to. Didn’t care where it was, how small it was, what genre bands I was with, anywhere and everywhere I could perform I would. Those early shows and early demo tapes were the start of what this is to me and everyone who listens today.”

Brian Petchersis the fantastic, imaginative director behind this beautiful escapade. His talent is insurmountable and only brings us back to when I last reviewed the young artist on his work for Cam Meekins. His Terrance Malik-eqsue filming coated by a millennial touch makes the piece realistic, relatable, and accessible to the audience that views the experience. Recently, Petchers directed music videos for Moon Taxi and Grace VanderQaal (amongst many others). He has also been nominated for 2 NY Emmys.

Experience“– that is the one way to describe this visual endeavor. From childhood to manhood, from every thought that runs through that mind as it ages . Owen creates a rhythm and volume that grow as the narrative develops. He forms words that become more and more of a jumbled mess of honesty written in pages of hopeless romantics’ diaries. These pages are thrown into the air to be shouted out to the world. The words are stunning, heartbreaking, and inspiring. All of the stunning behind-the-scenes images you see in the article were taken by Liz Maney, who captured the moments it took to create the video.

Petchers is invincible. His work is unforgettable. His love for lighting,  his attention to detail, and his desire to bring authenticity to the angles we see are some of the most unbelievable filming styles I have ever witnessed in my entire life. “Get out there and break some ice, I want to see you drifting” goes the chorus that appears at the conclusion of the piece. Petchers designs this scene with such precision, with pink beaches and soft colors, with bright eyes shining from the smoothed out faces of the characters we grow attached to as Owen reads us his lullaby.

The writer further analyzes the creation of the piece:

“For Break Some Ice…I was inspired to write an overture of all of my upcoming new music. It references a few unreleased songs by theme & some even by name. The song is for anyone who has ever felt frozen with the weight of life. Whatever that barrier might be for you, especially in your twenties when so much feels at stake, you have to find a way to break through it for yourself. Brian heard the song (along with the full album which will follow) and set out to bring my music to life visually. With Break Some Ice, he had this line in the original video treatment that I think sums it up so well: ‘I want the viewer to leave feeling empowered by the prospects of the future and the great big world, but also bittersweet with the notion our lives are a collection of fleeting moments and memories that fade with time – but ultimately to take comfort in the fact that they cannot be taken away.’ So we tried to illustrate that with me growing old watching the most beautiful and tragic moments of my life playing back on a movie projector.”

Break Some Ice is a masterpiece. Something that truly demonstrates Owen’s affinity for words and Petchers’ talent for capturing moments as they truly happen. Watch the full version above now.

Be sure to follow the two on their socials on:

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Brian Petchers: Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Cosmic, Alt-Rock Trio DREAMERS Releases Track “Screws”

Dreamy, Cosmic Rockers

DREAMERS is a cosmic, alt-rock band made up of three dudes (Nick Wold, Marc Nelson, and Jacob Lee Wick) who have a lot of fire to put into rock music. Their forthcoming EP is due to arrive very soon, and with that release they prepare themselves for an epic 31-date headlining tour in September! Some of the support acts will include artists such as Weathers, morgxn, and Rad Horror [on select dates].

This week, DREAMERS releases their single off the EP “Screws”, which stands as its own definition of the group’s sound. The smoothness of the track is mellowing and serene. The song itself is deserving of a road trip listening session for its airy, fresh tune. The chorus has you hooked the first time you hear it, and as the song progresses, you jam along to the metallic guitar sounds, the expression in the drums, and the overall production of the single. The vocals are strong and intense. You can feel the emotion and the brokenness of the character described in the song as he begins to gradually lose himself by way of broken hearts and minds. “All I needed was to hear the truth, I’m lying naked and my brain has lost its screws, I hid away inside a lonely room, never as lonely as when I’m alone with you“. With the screeching guitar and vocal screams, the track sounds like an astronaut lost in space and nothing but static is going through the intercom–it’s all a very dreamy and wild experience to feel in a song.

The band is very reminiscent of The Killers which would make a lot of people happy to hear. DREAMERS was ecstatic to announce that they had even broken the Top 10 at Alternative Radio! In addition to the new single, the EP, and good news, the trio recently released a tribute to The Cranberries’ lead singer’s passing by covering their hit “Zombie”. Watch it below!

Listen to “Screws” and stay tuned as these guys definitely have a lot more in store for you to hear, and be sure to follow DREAMERS on socials:

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*On another note* As of this Thursday, June 7th the band will be performing in Manchester, TN at the Bonnaroo Music Festival; June 30th they will be in Camden, NJ at the BB&T Pavilion; and on August 11th they will be at Redmond, WA for the 107.7 The End Summer Camp festival! and  as of ending in Los Angeles, California at the Troubadour. See below for the whole tour lineup! Beginning on September 13th in San Diego, DREAMERS will be embarking on their U.S. headlining tour. They will end in Los Angeles, CA on October 27th! For there rest of the tour dates, see below:

Dreamers U.S. headlining tour dates are as follows:

Sept. 13          San Diego, CA            The Irenic

Sept. 14          Las Vegas, NV            Vinyl @ Hard Rock

Sept. 15          Phoenix, AZ                Crescent Ballroom ^

Sept. 17          Dallas, TX                   HOB

Sept. 18          Austin, TX                   Stubbs Jr

Sept. 19          Houston, TX                HOB

Sept. 21          Orlando, FL                 Will’s Pub °

Sept. 22          Jacksonville, FL          Jack Rabbits

Sept. 24          Nashville, TN              Exit In °

Sept. 25          Atlanta, GA                 Club Hall

Sept. 26          Charlotte, NC              The Underground

Sept. 27          Washington, DC         Union Stage

Sept. 30          Boston, MA                 Brighton Music Hall

Oct. 1              New York, NY             Bowery Ballroom ^

Oct. 2              Philadelphia, PA         Voltage Lounge

Oct. 4              Pittsburgh, PA             Spirit Hall

Oct. 5              Columbus, OH            The Basement

Oct. 6              Detroit, MI                   The Shelter

Oct. 8              Cincinnati, OH            20th Century Theatre

Oct. 10            Chicago, IL                  Lincoln Hall

Oct. 11            Burnsville, MN            The Garage

Oct. 12            Lawrence, KS             Granada

Oct. 13            Omaha, NE                 Slowdown (Front Room) *

Oct. 15            Denver, CO                Marquis Theatre ^ *

Oct. 16             Salt Lake City, UT      Kilby Court *

Oct. 18            Missoula, MT              Top Hat Lounge *

Oct. 20            Portland, OR               Hawthorne Theatre *

Oct. 22            San Francisco, CA     Slim’s *

Oct. 26            Sacramento, CA         Holy Diver *

Oct. 27            Los Angeles, CA         Troubadour *

Powerhouse Pop Singer/Songwriter Emily Warren Releases “Paranoid”

A pop anthem gem

If you haven’t heard of her name before, you probably have heard her lyrics or her vocals. Emily Warren is no joke in the music scene. The feminist songwriting boss has written for some of pop’s biggest breakthroughs including, but not limited to, Dua Lipa, Charli XCX, Anne-Marie, Sigrid, MNEK, & more. The artist has been going solo as well, performing her own masterpieces for others to hear, and her voice is just as gorgeous as the words she constructs. Her new single “Paranoid” is a simple & sweet melody that hypnotizes you in the joyfulness of the tune. It is a song for all to love and for all to enjoy. It makes your mind wander off into the intricacies of the echoes and layers produced in the track. There is this electricity in her vocals that has the ability to send chills down your spine and have you swaying your body to the beat and rhythm. Even when the topics may be sad, there’s something about her music that makes you want to smile and sing it out loud for the world to hear. “Paranoid” is an anthemic pop single that is meant to be sung out loud and to feel good to.

“Don’t listen to that voice / Darling there’s no need to be paranoid / Don’t listen it’s just noise / Darling don’t be paranoid”.

Here’s a single to add to your summer 2018 playlist.

Warren has been passionate about music for a very long time, and her passion is shown in the beautiful compositions she fabricates. Her mission is to make sure womens’ voices are heard fully, authentically, and truthfully, something that’s a big topic in today’s current social climate.

Most recently, Warren wrote “New Rules” for Dua Lipa, and in the past few years, she has featured on or worked on tracks for artists such as: The Chainsmokers “Don’t Let Me Down” (Grammy-winning), Charli XCX “Boys”, FRENSHIP “Capsize” , Little Mix “No More Sad Songs”, Noah Cyrus “Stay Together”, Melanie Martinez “Soap”, Lost Kings “Phone Down”, Jessie J “Masterpiece”. If this list wasn’t enough, Warren also was included in the Forbes’ 30 Under 30 Class of 2018!! Well deserved praise for her stunning musical endeavors.

Press play above now to enjoy the new jam Warren has released for your listening pleasure and stay tuned for more extraordinary work from the young creative.


FPA New Female Rapper on the Block Releases “Broken Hearted N*ggas Club”


New girl on the block

FPA is your next female rapper to put on your radar. With her recent single release, she also drops a visual to accompany the mellow single. The sweet face has a fierce aura and her new single has a really great production behind it. So, as an addition to the track, the video is this fun, light-hearted, and slightly absurd escapade directed by FPA herself and Alan De Leon Taverna.

The Minneapolis native has a lot to look forward to. In essence, she is like the next  M.I.A. to hit the hip hop scene, and it is an exciting path for her to take as there haven’t been many artists like that in a while.


The music video was shot in her mother’s bakery in Minneapolis, where she recites her music and dances along with her bakery homies. Together, they’re all whipping up some plait bread and Nigerian chin chin, and the entirety of the two minutes and forty-seven seconds long video is nothing but good times and good vibes. The track itself was produced by emerging artist Mari, who was trying to create a more 2000s R&B sounds for FPA’s chill vocals.

Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 5.33.12 PM.png

FPA touches upon a more serious topic though intertwined with the optimistic tune. “A Broken Hearted N*gga” is about the struggle of the black race, and about respecting people for their persistence and strength through the hardships of life and pain, rejection and misunderstanding, and every other form of perilous trial. The happy note? The ‘Club’ FPA refers to is the collective of people reminding you that no one dances alone in this world, and that everyone is in this together.

Currently, the R&B songstress is approaching the release of her upcoming EP Trap Ballads Vol. 1. So until then, be on the lookout for more from FPA and see where the music takes her.

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[Editorial]: The Outro of a College Graduate Class of 2018

*Note: This playlist is endless, I will keep adding songs to it that I’ve come to love over the years, so stay tuned!*

If you’re reading this, it’s never too late to look back at the last 4 years of your undergraduate career.

After having my last two organization meetings, my last classes, my last projects, my last exams, my first and last undergraduate ceremony, I came to the realization that graduation happened. Though many fear the impending nature of what being an “adult” means, I see it as an opportunity to finally do something morewith the activities and the experiences that I put myself through and exposed myself to in these past four years. I look back with a more mature outlook as to what graduating means – adventure.

This is not goodbye. This is a thank you.


I feared this year more so in the past than I do now. Sophomore year, I already thought about how I only had 3 years left and that I still had no idea who I was or who I am supposed to be. Junior year, I feared that I needed to hurry up and become the person I finally figured out that I wanted to be. And now, as a senior, I am as I am. I am a person who cared and worked so hard to follow a passion that seemed at first so far from reach. I am a person who met so many faces and made so many relationships along the way. I am a person of many, many decisions made. I am a person 4 years older than I was when I first came to college. I am a person that couldn’t be who she was today without the people, the mentors, and the opportunities she was given. I am a person liberated by her knowing of self.

So to spell out “Neelu” today, I’m going to take us back through a soundtrack of songs and episodes that was and is Neelu Mohaghegh, a person who hopes to continue to live her greatest passions, continue to surround herself with the people she loves most, and grow as she pursues more adventures the world each day. So press “play” on the playlist above now.

Freshman Year 2014-2015:

This was and had to be one of the hardest semesters I had. This semester I learned self-identification; however, if there was anything that I gained the most out of this, it was to never let anyone define you but you. It’s never easy making decisions for yourself, especially when you don’t even know what you want. I had always had a love for music, media, and current events. My older brother even pegged that first before I could, but I was unsure and unknowing of what was out there in that particular world, and so I went on, having this heaviness in my heart, pursuing something else, and letting others command me my path. The only organization I joined that semester was the college radio station, and that was the one thing that kept me sane that semester. Thank you to my first radio family who showed me that I was meant to pursue the music industry. To top that off, I made some incredible friendships with the ladies (and the few men) of my freshman dorm floor. 18B, this is a thank you to you. Thank you for making my time at BU that first year one to never forget. Though some of us have gone our ways, our crew will still remains a special memory in my heart– it still amazes me how they placed us all on a floor together. Some of us still are friends, and I couldn’t be more thankful for that. By the end of this year, I realized I couldn’t keep pretending to enjoy the classes I was in, and so I took a chance, and after much arguing, was finally able to change my course.

THIS was a semester. This was the one that really started it all for me. I couldn’t believe I finally had a chance to make something out of my love for the music industry, but regardless, it was hard. It was difficult because I went to a school that of course didn’t provide a foundation for me. Yet it was liberating because the endless possibilities of fabricating a new community on campus was thrilling and possible for me. There was no Music Business Club before, and I was in a city that didn’t have a bustling music industry scene. I did all of the research I could about the industry and opportunities in it. I stalked LinkedIn (a skill everyone should have). I still had the radio show as home base. One of my first business professors really understood my struggle and happened to be a person who supported me in this journey. I went to her after class and spoke with her about the possibility of starting my own Music Business Club on campus, to which she wholeheartedly encouraged. Later, I would meet up with one of her TAs to officially plan out the organization. After that, I did more digging because I needed more. I didn’t want to waste a single second. I had seen a flyer for Verge Campus (yes, thisVerge Campus) needing to start a chapter at BU. Completely frightful of starting another organization on my own (theme?), I went to my RA who encouraged me and told me I had the ability to be an Editor-In-Chief. Skeptical but so hungry, I went for it, and to my surprise, I was hired. These two organizations would be the biggest impacts of my college career.

The rest of sophomore year sped by. I had my first real heartbreak, I went through an illness from being too stressed out and overworking myself, I went to the gym constantly and consistently to relieve that stress, and that summer I traveled with my family. It was a very introspective summer where I traveled to some incredible places, saw and spent time with family, listened to some great music, and  really focused my energy on myself and my passions rather than the limitations. That summer, I had the chance to cover my first festival as VIP press! It was for the Billboard Hot 100 and that’s where I re-discovered my love for photography. My mentors from Verge Campus included two incredible women that are unfortunately no longer with the team, but seriously without them, I would have never built the power to find my voice via media and writing in music.

Lessons Learned: 

*Never let anyone define you but you.

*Liberate yourself because endless possibilities of fabricating your own world is possible if you try. 

Sophomore Year 2015- 2016:

This semester I knew who I was now. Not all existentially, I just knew the direction I needed to take. The Music Business Club started and I was excited to officially have my Verge Campus team well formed and ready to go. In the first Music Business Club meeting I met my soul mate, and re-found love at a time I wasn’t looking for it or even was sure it existed. I made some incredible new friendships and one with an older colleague from freshman year that re-blossomed and transformed into my best friendship.

Though all was well this semester, I also had the hardships of overloading in courses I wasn’t crazy about so I could catch up to the business school requirements to graduate on time. I also got INSANELY SICK! It was a battle that really tested my headspace and my ability to fight back. If there’s ever a time to believe in love and passion and self-power, it was then. That’s also when I realized that my dreams and abilities were my priority over the obstacles set in my way. As long as I was able to believe in myself, and push, I was going to make it. (That’s the mindset I put myself in at least).

Second semester came, I joined a business fraternity to have a family of people in the large university that I could depend on and lean on, and through them I learned professionalism and did build a family of friends I adored.

Summer rolled around, and I decided that though I was stuck in Massachusetts, I wasn’t going to slow down. Sophia Chang, the former manager of Wu-Tang Clan who spoke to MBC, told us once that she didn’t want us to just think outside of the box, she wanted us to crush it. So, that summer, I commuted weekly to Verge Campus to keep writing, and boy, did I write. I wrote 15 articles a day! I went to concerts, I interviewed artists, I networked, and I developed my craft. Off to junior year I went, ready for my next adventure with a new set of tools, a forceful energy, and a fiery focus.

Lesson Learned:

*Good things come to those who stay focused, stay productive, and stay patiently enthusiastic.

Junior Year 2016-2017:

Fall of Junior year was interesting. I took on more leadership roles, and learned about delegating work for the first time, because it turns out you really can’t do it all alone. I created Boston Breakthrough, which would be Verge Campus’ first big annual event in Boston since the tour, that allowed our interns and emerging artists to work together in promotion and creativity to then put on a local indoor showcase. It was a success! It was also a semester that we did a flagship event with MBC and Berklee College of Music collaborating on a networking concert event and the semester I took my first visual journalism class that inspired me and drove me through the drowning of my business schoolwork, led by an extraordinary professor. So all in all, a hardworking but productive semester, only to be hit by what was to come next semester.

CORE. not the abdominal type of core, but the business program that was the gateway to your concentration. This was a course that took over your entire life. Your team project and the 4-upper level courses would be the only things you saw and talked about. It was the first time since freshman year that I felt an identity crisis because I was separated from my music world. (Also my boyfriend went abroad and I moved pretty far off campus, so loneliness was real.

So what got me through? Creating playlists on Spotify weekly, balancing the work, focusing on my goals, maintaining an entrepreneurial and creative spirit, having a professor I had from the past semester who became more of a second father figure in my life (supportive, understanding, and cool person all around), and surrounding myself with friends and family. I also knew that getting through this led me to a light at the end of the tunnel and a silver lining somewhere. I applied for the BULA abroad program, and when I got in, that was all I needed. I knew that in the summer, I would be free to dive into all of my musical pastimes and dreams, and I didn’t have anything to hold me back. Knowing those things put me at ease and having those lists to soundtrack each day also helped carry me through the days.

SUMMER 2017 – LA Abroad

SO HERE’S TO RE-DISCOVERING MYSELF AFTER LAST SEMESTER. Coming to LA was the biggest culture change after living in Massachusetts all of my life, but it was good change. It was the escape and transformation I needed. I was finally around people who understood the industry, I was in good weather, I was working at an internship that taught me so much more than I thought I could ever learn in such a short period of time, and I had my best friend and my boyfriend with me through it all. What amazing memories I made there. This thank you goes to the many mentors at Red Light Management who became my friends and people I looked up to. For every praise you gave me, I was inspired to keep working harder. You guys made me believe in me, and your support and belief in me and my abilities was more than I could have ever dreamed for. I gave my final presentation to Red Light Management with everything that I had to offer, and that was a day I would never forget. You all gave me so much to look forward to and to do, and for that I am grateful. Also, thank you to my co-interns, co-workers, new friends, and the artists I met/interviewed there who also were special people to me through those 3 months and let me be me.

At this time, I realized I had a momentum in the industry and that Senior year in Boston would bring me back to square one if I didn’t start looking for something else that would keep me sane. That’s when I applied for Sony Music U. After a long 4 part interview process and marketing assignment,  I was given the position, and I honestly had never felt more pride than in that moment. It made me feel like everything I had done was worth it and brought me to this point.

It’s hard to follow a dream, because it always seems so far away, but if we don’t, we’ll never know what it’s like to live a passion. I have always loved music, and I have always been intrigued by media and current events and helping emerging artists. Working in the music industry was all I wanted, and after all that I did to give myself the necessary tools and experience to work in it, I have the chance to work at Sony Music– I now know that hard work does in fact pay off. Thank you to the mentors of Sony Music U, for giving me a chance, for believing in me. I only hope to keep making you proud!

Lessons Learned:

*Keep dreaming out loud so you can make your dream happen. 

*No matter how alone or how lost we feel at any given moment, remember what it is all for, what you live and dream for. Give yourself time to re-discover yourself. Once you’re there, there’s no stopping you.

Senior Year 2017-2018:

So, this is the final year. It honestly didn’t feel like it. The only difference was that everything I had worked hard for was moving more smoothly now. I was taking my concentration classes, I was still writing for Verge Campus, still running MBC, and now had the extra activity of being a part of the Sony Music U team. I got to attend the annual conference for SMU that not only opened my eyes and energized me for my dream job, but it also offered me some of the greatest connections and friendships I could have ever asked for. I finally was in my element, and I found a family I fit in with.

2018 – Semester 8 Spring:“Better With You” by Michl / “Bleach” by Brockhampton / “OTW” by Khalid, 6lack, & Ty Dolla $ign

Second semester also rolled through, and with careful planning, I was a part-time student, graduating still on time, but allowing myself more hours of the day to spend working with all of the organizations I was a part of. I developed incredible friendships in this year, both fall and spring semesters that made me sad to be graduating because I had to leave them as soon as I met them. However, I am thankful that at least I did meet them at all. I went to some of the most captivating, insane concerts and spoke with some extraordinary artists. I got to see the potential of my creativity with work, and I really got to make this semester about helping others follow their passions and spending time with my best friends.

During this process, I wrestled with the concept of grad school, but after some thought and research, I found a program that I think would improve my learning and my abilities. I applied and got in. So, now I know the next adventure to come.

Senior week took place, and it was fantastic. Graduation itself was a 3 day experience, filled with pictures, flowers, and hugging. I felt so proud and excited to be able to walk across that stage reflecting on ALL of this that you read. ALL OF THIS suddenly handed to me on just a sheet of paper. Was I nervous, nostalgic, & possibly sad? Sure. But I put myself through 4 years of growth and 4 years of doing what I could to get to where I could say, “I’m excited to be doing what I love”. I am excited to finally be given the opportunity to go into this world and make things happen.

I don’t regret anything. Everything happened for a reason, and for every decision I made, I made it because I believed in it. Don’t let doubt or fear stop you, you’ll regret that forever. Nothing’s permanent, so the question will always be “Why not?”

Exactly 2 weeks ago, I graduated from Boston University as part of the Class of 2018. It’s weird to think that this year finally came when it always seemed so far away-not anymore. We all talk about the things we learned in these past 4 years, and here’s my ultimate Lesson Learned: *Every adventure counts.

This is not goodbye. This is a thank you.

I learned I had an undeniable passion for music and the creative industry around it, I learned what values I believed in and wanted to carry on, I learned from mentors forever cherished, I learned to appreciate and love my culture, my family, I made incredible friendships, I found love, and I learned to believe in myself no matter how hard things seemed. It’s been 4 years of fighting and working really hard, but I finally come out of these past 8 semesters feeling like I know who I am, I know what I’m doing, and I know where I need to be. I will always have the skills I gained from all of my experiences. No one can take those from me. Life might take me a bunch of different ways post-grad, but right now, I’m going to stop stressing for once, going to enjoy this moment, and get ready for the next adventure.

Now, press “shuffle”.

*Another Note: THE BIGGEST THANK YOU goes to all of you who helped me find myself, helped me be here, and helped me find my shine. (And thanks for helping me finally step on a cursed BU seal without fear!)*

Of course, I would decorate my graduation cap to be a Spotify playlist. I titled it “To Be Continued” because the story will always have more to say and will always have more songs to add, no matter the journey. Now, go on yours.


Mazie Catches You in Her Exotic Pop Sound in Debut Project ‘omw’

Newfound sound, rekindled love

Melancholia is the new wave of pop-music, but this unknown artist is just the smoky flavor needed to add to that icing on the cake. Perfectly defined as a left-of-center artist, Mazie releases her debut EP On my way! (produced and released via  MAD Dragon Music Group)The project is a 6-track masterpiece. It is honestly incredible that her first EP release, ever, is such an amazing success in terms of quality and precision.

When you see Mazie, you see nothing but a sweet girl, but behind that comes a voice that’s majestic and infectious to all who hear it. (The EP has been on loop for me all night!) It’s easy to compare this soulful, broken singer to that of a Billie Eilish or Morgan Saint. With a tone like lullabies and whispers, she lulls you to your own wonderland of inner-mind workings.

Her voice is like velvet; it’s strong, but serene, edgy, but elegant. There’s something to be said when an artist who is only a freshman at Drexel University can have a voice like that with such control and confidence. You can tell that she knows her range and her voice well– she has identified it and shares it proudly for all to hear without any sign of pretentiousness. It is so exciting to see where her music is going to continue to grow and what new beginnings the songstress will discover as she produces more music for her library.

She is now pursuing her time in school as a full-time student and signed artist, which definitely makes her more than just your typical girl-next-door. Mazie has so much potential and I for one can not wait to see where this angelic crooner goes with her unique sound.

Check her out on social media too to see what’s new: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Website.