Honne Performance Mystifies the Boston Crowd at Royale

Good Together

If you’re ever looking for a night to let go of everything and just feel free and good, then a Honne concert is just the medicine you need.

The band had stolen the entire Royale room’s hearts with the music and the simple, sweet vibes they offered on the stage. Honne sang so many of their new songs as well as so many of their old ones from the previous album, and Boston was singing along without any direction. After I left the photo pit to stand in the crowd, I noticed how immensely packed it was–I had known it was a sold out show, but didn’t realize how massive the room was until I saw all of the crowded bodies and smiling faces. Hands were up in the air and heads were back with eyes closed as people absorbed the music into their bones and swayed to the beats of each track.

I was starstruck by how incredible Honne was live, and it only elevated my love for them to greater heights. The band recently released their second debut album Love Me/Love Me Not, a 12-track project of beautiful work. The album was elegantly released as well, with a pre-release plan of dropping two-track EPs at a time throughout the summer, giving the fans a dose of what was to come, and what emotions to feel until the full production was revealed.

The lights were atmospheric and subtle, but they made an impact for every song they performed. There was no doubt that the whole hour and half of music was euphoric, an encounter of immense fantasy, seduction, and bliss. The band didn’t even stop too many times to interrupt the show, they played song after song, with ease, caressing our ears and giving us a true soundtrack experience.

Would 100% recommend seeing them should you ever have the chance!

Here are the photos I took last night:

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Moody Pop Singer Au/Ra Steals the Show at Cafe 939 Boston

A Mood

Au/Ra is an artist I have been a fan of quite some time, and being able to see her perform live was more than a pleasure. The singer/songwriter with a lot of personality took the stage and really ran the show on Friday night at Cafe 939 in Boston, MA. She was the perfect opener for Tove Styrke’s headlining tour, and it will be exciting to see her one day running her own headlining tour.

Au/Ra sang all of her tracks and the crowd loved every second of it. You could tell not many knew of her before the show, but you also could tell that the audience was not going to forget her after. She sang her hit “Panic Room”, as well as a fun song titled “Drake”, where she both admitted her love for the video game Fortnightand the fact that she tried to friend Drake, the rapper, on the game’s platform–a dream that never came true. So why not write a song about it? She also sang her song “Junk Food,” which is, in fact, about junk food and junk food only. Au/Ra is just an incredibly real and chill human being that makes it easy for a fan or a listener to enjoy and relate to her besides the fact that she is also a talented vocalist.

With vibrant blue pigtails and a lot of charisma on stage, the pop artist gave everyone a vibe to sway and sing along to. She even was able to get the crowd to sing a chorus line with her in unison that was very well done. This superstar has such great music that surprisingly captures you and has you singing the songs even after you’ve turned off the music.

Here are some of the photos I captured from that night!

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Tove Styrke Photo Story at Cafe 939 Boston

Tove Styrke is a beautiful human inside and out, and she gave a stunning performance the other night at Cafe 939 in Boston, MA.

Though a small venue, the room was packed, and people were singing along to every song word for word. She was beyond excited, wearing a flow, white ruffle shirt, shiny flared black pants and a cowboy hat that said her name on the inside lip of it. She was surrounded by a bed of light up roses and that changed into various hues of technicolor according to the music, and it was just an overall good time.

Her voice was strong, her presence was energetic, and her music was hypnotic. She sang many of her best hits as well as some off the new project and some oldies, and no matter what she was still in command of the cheering crowd. The space was intimate enough to really feel like the fans were part of the show as well, an aspect of Styrke’s career that she takes very seriously. She loves her fans, and truly tries to make sure that they know that as well.

Styrke has been riding a really powerful wave in the past year. She recently released her new album Sway as well as embarked on this journey of her own headlining tour! In addition, she released a track with her good friends, the talented electronic duo NOTD, called “Been There Done That.” The track has already hit over 5 million streams on Spotify, and has demonstrated the forceful foundation Styrke has provided herself for her music career.

Here are some of the photos I captured from that Friday night, and be sure to check out my interview with the artist pre-show to hear what she has to say about her journey to stardom, her music, and the tour HERE.

Stay tuned as the Swedish-native has a lot more in store for her fans this coming year and into the next! Follow her on social media to find out more and follow Styrke’s incredible journey!

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Interview with Tove Styrke: Been There, Done That, Killin’ It

Been There, Done That, Killin’ It

One of the kindest souls I have ever had the honor of speaking to, Tove Styrke is on an amazing rocket ride that’s headed straight for the stars. Her music has always been so good, and I find myself saving the tracks every time she releases something new. As over-exaggerated as that sounds, it’s only the truth. Styrke has had a great story leading her through her musical career, and it only continues.

The Swedish-born artist Tove Styrke has been hard at work as she just released her new album Sway back in May of 2018. An incredible album that was! From start to finish, every pop song perfectly aligns with one another while still remaining individualized. I always find myself dancing to her music and quite literally swaying to the melody and beat. Listen to the album below:

The artist has just kicked off her fall 2018 North American headline tour, starting in Toronto! In the past, the songstress had a chance to tour with Lorde and Katy Perry. As you can see, she’s paving her path well for prosperous future in the industry.

Below is the tour list of where she’s headed this fall–be sure to catch her in your city!:

The artist will also be headed to Boston, performing at the wonderful Cafe 939 venue on October 5th! You can grab tickets HERE.

Styrke got her official start in music when she performed for Swedish idol and received her first record deal from there. “I was 16 at the time, I was just a little baby. Since then, I’ve just been working and really taking my time figuring out what I really wanted to do and this past year has just been amazing… I just put out my 3rd album this year!” You could hear the excitement and pride in her voice and most of all the astonishment. “I’m just in a good place and everything leading up to right now, everythinghas been perfect timing…I couldn’t be happier where I am.” Though we were speaking over the phone, I could tell she was smiling, thinking about the amazing accomplishments she has managed to achieve in her musical career. All rightfully so and well deserved.

I went on to ask the songstress what her favorite song she has ever written is, and I was answered with a shriek. She had such a difficult time picking a track, it was so funny. “It changes every time I like so many of them…”I Lied” is much fun to perform, and I love “Sway”— it’s the title track of the album. It’s like the anthem of the album, like a feeling fest. And “Say My Name,” I’m very proud of that one.”

Styrke recently released an awesome track with the electronic producer duo, NOTD, titled “Been There, Done That.” I touched a little on that track and how it came to fruition between the three of them and what inspired it I the first place. “I have been in contact with Toby and Sam for a while. I really think they make such great things.” She starts to change her voice into more of a cute, older sister-tone, squealing “they’re like my little baby they’re so cute and so talented and we’ve been meaning to work on this song for so long.” When they did finally send her the song, she was instantly in love, and had to be a part of it. “I usually write everything I put out, so it was unusual to sing something I didn’t make, but there was something about it that was sucha good fit.” She further confesses how happy she was that they picked her to be the vocals on the track as it was exactly the kind of music she loved to produce. A melancholy vibe with an upbeat tune. You could tell her gratitude is real.

(You can hear the new song HERE)

“Every song needs to be fun, some aspect of it needs to be fun.” This is how Stryke defined how her music should sound to her fans. They should know that the core of her music “comes from some place real. It’s not just perfect, classic, bubble gum love. I want the music to be relatable and feel like something that you actually go through in life.” She admits this with such emphasis and generosity.

We got to finally discussing the tour. She begins to say “I am screaming I am so excited! I have been opening up for amazing people on tour with Katy Perry and Lorde. It’s so unreal and amazing. It feels great to come back now and do my own show and bring my whole album to the stage and translate this whole world this whole vibe to the stage. I’m also excited about my support act Aura. She’s so cute and so amazing.”

When it came to asking Styrke what her favorite part of being an artist is, she knew her answer. “I can do so many amazing things, and get to try to experience so many new amazing and exciting things.
And I get to take it easy and geek out in the studio and sit back and think. I can always broaden what my work involves because I’m self-employed! If I want to focus on merch I can do that…” she goes off to continue describe how she can work on a tour, or work on an album artwork, or work on a new project/song, and so on, and how amazing it is to truly be in a creative domain where you can be many roles, and not just one.

I was so curious to know from this ray of sunshine what fun fact we didn’t currently know about her, and she revealed this: “I think fans might not know that I’m kind of an introvert. I really reallyneed time to myself and reload and think I really need time to process everything I go through. If I don’t take that time I am miserable.” I think that’s something that a lot of people could definitely understand. However, when she gets on that stage and sings, you can tell that she is there for the crowd and that she’s willing to share with everyone her music.

I proceeded to ask, “who is someone you would love to collaborate with?”  She thinks for a moment and then replies “Rihanna. I think she’s the coolest person on the planet.”

So, what is this superstar On The Verge of? Styrke replies with a enthusiastic voice, “World domination!” We laugh together and sign off.

It was one of my greatest pleasures to chat with this incredible human and amazing singer/songwriter, and my excitement can’t be contained for her future endeavors. Thank you, girl, for taking the time to chat with me, and please keep shining on!

Be sure to follow her on socials to see where she’s headed next!

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Aidan Alexander Releases “I Don’t Love You” that Puts You In Your Feels

But I love this

Indie-pop singer-songwriter Aidan Alexander is another artist to keep on your radar if you haven’t already heard of him. Alexander recently released his new single “I Don’t Love You,” and it’s a track that will pull at the heart strings and have you in your feels even when you try so hard not to get emotionally attached to the song. You can hear the track above now.

With only one song out, the artist already has 47K + monthly listeners on Spotify which is absolutely insane! So, who is Alexander?

Alexander is mostly known as the 18-year old LA actor (yes, that young), who starred opposite the Golden Globe nominee Bill Paxton in the film Red Wing. He was also a part of the Sony production A Cowgirl’s Story and .270, which earned a Grand Jury Prize at the New York International Screenwriter’s Awards.

With success already under his belt, what more could he do? Well, he did more. Not only an actor, he transcended across the media spectrum by delving into content creation where he has one of the most engaged accounts nationwide, according to Twitter, and where he has accumulated over 1.5 million total followers on social media.

As if that wasn’t enough, he then demonstrated his vocal affinity when he released his new single, which plays a character all of its own in Alexander’s life.

“I Don’t Love You” is an atmospheric, serene, sorrowful, and airy song. The lullaby elegance in his voice against the electronic whines and the percussive instrumentation in the back only makes the single feel more airy and dreamy. As you feel complete isolation of the emotions you’re currently feeling, the song intensifies and calms in a matter of seconds. The slow-tempo also makes the song more like a sweet serenade or an indie-electronic ballad.

Aidan mentions that some of his musical influences come from a variety of artists including: Robyn, Fleetwood Mac, and Frank Sinatra. But his first real love in music began when he heard Billie Holiday’s “Good Morning Heartache” for the first time.

The artist is excited to show his fans what he’s been preparing all this time, and I’m sure everyone is anxious to hear what Alexander has in store for this EP later this year.


Be sure to check out Aidan Alexander on all of his social platforms to stay tuned for the release of his project and more!

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A Night of Super Love with Whethan at Boston’s Royale 9.25.18

A Night of Super Love

Whethan proved that his music is something magical to me after a night at Boston’s Royale nightclub. Whethan performed on Tuesday, September 25th to a crowd dancing their feet off and singing along to all of his best tracks, and that night was the first time I had ever seen so many people having a blast on a Tuesday night.

The artist has had a blossoming career, starting at the age of 16 when he was discovered by the OWSLA founder, Skrillex. Since then, Whethan has collaborated with an incredible roster of artists including: Dua Lipa, Charli XCX, Elohim, Oh Wonder, Broods, Oliver Tree, MAX, Ashe, Opia, Mascolo, and more.

His music is fascinating in how it has a way to shape shift and mold into whatever sound it needs to be in order to complement the vocalist, and it always happens to do it so pristinely. If there was any definition for “feel good” tunes, his music would definitely fit the criteria. Every track is just a song to play as you wake up and go through the motions of your day, through excitement, through love, through heartbreak, through showers, through work, through school, through play, through the rough times and so on. It’s the kind of music you can soundtrack your life to, and I think that’s what makes him such a prolific artist in the electronic-pop scene.

The show itself was just as energized as his music. The crowd bounced as their shadows danced under the lazers that strobed and flashed to the harmonies in the music. Everyone knew the songs, danced as if they had no one watching them, and seemed to just be living their best life in that hour and half of musical encounters.

Whethan himself was masked behind a tapestry that had projecting images dance across its surface, matching the music with abstract graphics and videos of California scenery. Overall, it was a great night–a kind of night you need when you just need to let go and let your mind wander and be free to daydream.

Whethan recently released a new single with another one of my favorite acts, Honne, titled “Radar.” Listen to it below!

The producer is still on the road nearing the end of his USA tour, where he will next be heading to Urbana, Detroit, Madison, and ending in his hometown Chicago! Here are some of  the photos I captured from the show below. Highly recommend attending his concert if you haven’t yet, because it’s a night to not forget, a night full of super love.


Be sure to follow Whethan on social media to follow his music journey!

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Positive Wave Maker Gnash: Billboard Hot 100 Interview No. 5

Imagine if…

At Billboard Hot 100 2018 in Long Island, NY, I had the chance to meet up with the kind-hearted and talented artist Gnash. Garrett Charles Nash, otherwise known as the artist Gnash, is an American rapper/singer , who released his debut project U back in March 2015 on SoundCloud. He then followed that with his EP MEin December 2015.

His performance was wonderful as he had the crowd smiling with him, singing along to all of his words, and waving their arms to every beat he riffed to. His music is relatable and his lyrics are sweet.  If you love sad boy music with a bright twist, then this is the kind of artist for you. I have always loved his sound. He recently released his new track “dear insecurity” featuring Ben Abraham, a beautiful, melancholy single. His music has a unique twist to it and it almost feels like you’re listening to a combination of Lauv, Blackbear, Never Shout Never, and Quin XCII. Each song is pretty simple musically, but it gets the point across and relays a story melodically. It’s music that’s nice on the ears and the meanings behind each track are memories most people have lived through before, and that’s the power in his work–they’re moving.

At the performance itself, his microphone had a flower attached to it and he was wearing a Pink Floyd rainbow shirt and these amazing sunglasses. When I met him, I was greeted by energy and excitement, and I soon caught onto that same contagious enthusiasm. I took his photos and we followed the interview later on, but believe me when I say it was an absolute pleasure speaking to this very nice singer/songwriter.

Neelu Mohaghegh (NM):First off, how did you get started in music?

Gnash (G): I was a DJ for a while & then started producing & writing my own music to play.

NM:Of all the songs you’ve written, is there one you identify the most with?

G: Of what’s out, definitely “dear insecurity.” It took me 8 months to write & it represents so much growth in my life.

NM:Where do a lot of your inspirations for your songs come from? (A lot of them definitely have stories or messages in them!)

G: My songs are all based in things I’ve been through or people I love around me have been through.

NM:What has been the craziest part of this career path?

G: Being away from home. we do our best to make a home on the road, but sometimes I just wanna sleep in & hug my cats.

NM:What do you want your fans to think of when they hear your music?

G: I want them to feel better.

NM:Do you have any pre-show routines (like a mantra, or a food you have to eat, or an outfit, or a pep talk, or listening to music..etc.)?

G: We say “everything’s gonna be fucking great” & go for it.

NM:What’s one piece of your outfit that you can’t go without? (i.e. sweatshirt, hat, certain sneakers, etc.)

G: My sunnies

NM:What would you say is your favorite photo on your instagram?

G: Anything of me smiling

NM:What’s your favorite part of being an artist?

G: Being able to help people through music.

NM:If you could collaborate with anyone, who would it be?

G: John lennon

NM:You have a lot of flower imagery in your branding—do you have a favorite flower in particular?

G: I like daisies.

NM:Any advice to aspiring musicians?

G: Be yourself & if you wanna create don’t let anybody tell you it sucks!

NM:What has been your favorite live performance memory?

G: I like every show that helps people feel better. Also I love when my family comes to shows.

NM:How was Billboard Hot 100 fest?

G: It was fun! hot literally but my friends love New York.

NM:Describe your ideal summer day!

G: Driving to the beach. Actually being there I’m iffy on, but the drive is awesome…

NM:So the publication is called Verge Campus, so we like to do a little tagline final question to our artists, so Gnash, what are you On The Verge of?…. fill in the blank however you’d like!

G: The best day of my life.

Be sure to check out his new music and follow him on socials to see what’s to come very soon!

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Interview with Lemaitre On New Fall Jam & Music Video “Big”

New Artist Spotlight!!

This alt-electro rock duo from Norway is Lemaitre, and they are going to be your new addition to this year’s fall playlist. I had a chance to interview the duo and what great answers I received! They have a sound much like Muse with a Passion Pit twist. They have smooth, mellow, and melodic tunes, and the vocals equally croon through the track. “I’ll see you soon in soon in a dream, when I fall asleep.” Their sweet, happy-go-lucky tunes combined by simple lyrics and dynamic instrumentals are the foundations of Lemaitre’s sound. Lemaitre’s new single “Big” drops today and is accompanied by  a comical visual. As the guys drive you around through the song, we see a variety of characters in the back seat and their personalities and stories as Ketil and Ulrik act as our narrators.

The guys have released 5 dance EPs, a remix collection, two short form releases and their full debut album Chapter One. They have had amazing collaborations with artists such as Betty Who and Mary Noyes in the past as well. Overall, their music has surpassed 200 million streams and they have had the chance to have their songs featured in global campaigns for Google, Apple, Facebook, FIFA 2017, Skyy Vodka, PayPal, Tropicana, Infiniti, Hugo Boss and more!

The guys of Lemaitre are also headed on tour and you can check out their tour dates below:

U.S. Tour Dates:
10/7 Austin, Texas: Austin City Limits
10/14 Austin, Texas: Austin City Limits
11/28 Los Angeles, CA: El Rey Theatre
11/30 San Diego, CA: The Irenic
12/1 Santa Barbara, CA: Velvet Jones
12/4 Seattle, WA: The Crocodile
12/5 Portland, OR: Wonder Ballroom
12/7 San Francisco: August Hall
12/13 Boston, MA: Brighton Music Hall
12/15 New York, NY: Gramercy Theatre

So now for our interview! I had a chance to chat with Ketil and here’s what he had to say:

NM: How did you guys get started in music?

K: We both started messing around with music production software in high school, making beats and stuff. When we were finishing high school, we started talking about taking a year of before going to college and just make music. Now we are going on 8 years, and still haven’t applied to college.

NM: So what was the inspiration behind the new single “Big”?

K: It’s really inspired by the Beatles and 60´s pop/rock. We wanted to have that vibe but wanted it to sound like a current record with big drums and synths. The lyrics are about loss (mainly about losing my dogs), and the fact that if you are sad about someone departing, it means you must have really liked them, and so should be happy about the time you had together.

NM: How did you guys find the home you did?

K: Ulrik found it on craigslist after a couple of month looking around for a suitable house. We were almost giving up on finding a nice house and was about to settle for something mediocre when it came up. After we had been at the house for a few months the owner came by with some family members to show “Dr. Dre’s old house”. Which made a nice house even cooler.

NM: Why is the band named after the astronomer?

K: It looked cool on the page, and is a cool story. We are both kind of into popular science, so it felt like a good fit. Should have tried to say it out loud before we settled tho…

NM: When fans hear your music, what do you want them to feel or think?

K: Hopefully they get the same feeling we had when we wrote it. We always try to communicate an emotion or a feeling you had when you were writing.

 NM: What are fun facts about you guys?

K: Ulrik is gender fluid and Ketil can bench 400lbs.

NM: If you could collaborate with anyone, who would you want to work with?

K: Really hard question to answer, there are so many. Thundercat and Paul McCartney probably. I could name 40 others though. So many great artists around.

NM: How would you describe your sound in one or two words?

K: Eclectic

NM: What’s your favorite social network platform, and do you have a favorite post from it? Can you share it?

K: Reddit probably. It’s nice that you have all these niche communities where people with similar interests can talk. Shout out to /r/lemaitremusic!

NM: Who are some of your musical influences?

K: Daft Punk, Justice, Noisia, Phoenix, The Beatles, Django Reinhardt.

NM: What are you guys On The Verge of?

K: Getting it on.

NM: What are your go-to songs? [Name Top 3]

K: Louis the child – Better Not, Arataan – Effervesce, Superorganism – Something For Your Mind

NM: What are you looking forward to for your fans, new projects or something else exciting?

K: Really excited to show them our new music! We have been writing for quite a while now, so we have a lot of songs that are either done or wrapping up. Get hype.

That’s where we wrapped up the interview! Ketil had really thoughtful answers and I was very happy to have the chance to hear from him about the whole creative process! Be sure to check out the new song/video, and be sure to follow Lemaitre on social media:

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