Song and Lyrics: Instagram’s Newest @Music Initiative

Everyone’s favorite photo gathering social network is constantly innovating itself, which is why it is so strong among the demographic of our generation.

However, they have decided to take on a new project besides adding new filters that add more seconds to a person’s post time (oh no!). Instagram is launching a new account called @music. What is it? Instagram has been known to be a critical domain for artists to connect and interact with their fans in a more artistic and creative way. What the dedicated music account, @music, will provide are a unique way to see what new up-and-coming musicians are out there and a behind-the-scenes look into shows and acts performed by your favorites. This is a new music account, ONLY about music.

Instagram has taken this initiative, and I think that this is a great way for the platform to reach out to the youth of our millennial generation who rely so heavily on our passions for music while also fostering an open-mindedness to journey out to other realms of the field!

@music is going to give people around the world a taste of harmonies and melodies growing globally and exposing people to new types of songs that they would not usually be able to find. Through Instagram’s intriguing platform, artists are able to reach out to many people.

Instagram’s founder and CEO, Kevin Systrom, launched the account recently and said that it would be “dedicated to exploring music around the globe, from those who create it to the community around it” and will be, “a place where people across the musical spectrum come to share stories, reveal their creativity, and connect directly with fans.”

Instagram has mentioned in a past interview that roughly 25 percent of its top-followed accounts belong to popular musicians! They’re first few posts have included such themes as:

“Monthly Hashtag Project on @music,” which is “a series featuring challenges with designated themes and hashtags.  This month’s challenge is #MHPlive. The goal is to make creative images of a live musical performance. Our project takes inspiration from Sacha Lecca (@sachalecca), Deputy Photo Editor at ‘Rolling Stone.’” They then interviewed Lecca about his beginnings in the world of photography and touring with musicians around the world.

A Romanian rock music concert photographed by Sacha Lecca.

In addition, they went from Lecca taking photographs at a Romanian rock concert to interviewing, No Brain (@officialnobrain), a Korean musician who helped jump-start the punk movement in South Korea in the late 90s and continues to fight for the genre though it is very difficult to support.

No Brain in the studio.

This is a whole new perspective in the way we connect to what we are passionate about– tunes, rhythms, beats– music!

So, what do you think? For all you music-lovers, check it out and follow it!

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