On the “Verge” of Summer!

“This is our time
These are our hours
Out on the verge
Out on the verge of the rest of our lives.”

These are the lyrics that get you smiling and ready to take on something incredible– any adventure that comes your way. Every person has that one song that resonates with them and fits their mood perfectly. It is that feel good song that becomes the one tune you blast on repeat for the entire summer. For me, that song may be Owl City’s newest single, “Verge.” No, I did not choose this song because of its name, though it is convenient and is a killer title– if I do say so myself!

Owl City, or Adam Young,  is an American pop-electronica artist (singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist– wow!) from Minnesota. From experimenting in his parents’ basement to becoming a social media sensation to now a Billboards-Hit-Single-recognized-musician, Young has been successful in creating music that puts you in an optimistic mood. He is best known for his singles “Fireflies,” “Vanilla Sky,” and “Good Time (featuring Carly Rae Jepson).”

“Verge” features Aloe Blacc, the artist who does almost everything. He is an American rapper, songwriter, singer, actor, record producer, businessman, musician, philanthropist, pianist, bassist, guitarist and keyboardist.  He is best known for the his hit singles “The Man,” “Wake Me Up,” and “I Need  a Dollar.”

The song, “Verge,” begins with Blaac and then transitions into a marching steady beat with Young’s voice, and then uses typical EDM techniques such as a ping pong effect, a riser, and finally an impact, the song goes into its chorus where the beat and melody continue on with its hopeful and revolutionary tone. The chorus then becomes a layer of vocals (sounding like a crowd singing together) as if encouraging all of us to join in and sing along.

The new release of this collaborative song stems from Owl City’s upcoming album, Mobile Orchestra. It is expected to still embody his typical synthesized and sweet intonations he has done in the past, except he has decided to also include an element of bluegrass bop, tropical house mix, and EDM drops this time. With the light hearted vibe that he delivers in every one his songs, Owl City is sure to release the album that will be a summer favorite. It should be an album to look forward to. He announced the release date to be this summer, July 10th, 2015.

Here is the music video for it!:


You can just picture yourself being empowered by this song, running down an endless road or beach, with the sun beaming down on you. It’s just that type of song to get your blood pumping, heart racing, and face smiling.

Again, it couldn’t be more perfect that the name of this song is called “Verge.” I think Verge Campus should consider this to be their new theme song for the summer since we are all about getting out there and expressing and sharing your interests and passions with enthusiasm and spirit!

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends and see what they think of the song– it could just be your summer getaway anthem! Also, if you’re a super fan of Owl City, you should consider pre-ordering his new album!





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