The Weeknd Releases a New Music Video “The Hills”

The Weeknd in the city at night found on his Google+ page.

The Weeknd, aka Abel Tesfaye, recently  gave a preview to his proposed new album that will be debuted sometime this coming year. The title and exact date for the album release is still unknown, but it is to be the follow up album to Kiss Land as well as a continuation to the style of his song “House of Balloons”. The Canadian post-apocalyptic-esque R&B singer, songwriter, and record producer became a sensation when his singles “Often” and “Earned It” hit the “Billboard Hot 100” list!

Now, The Weeknd releases a new music video for his song “The Hills” that includes the lyrics:

Hills have eyes, the hills have eyes
Who are you to judge, who are you to judge?
Hide your lies, girl, hide your lies
Who are you to trust, who are you?

(Lyrics at

The song is quite haunting, but definitely defines what The Weeknd does best. He seduces his audience with his falsettos and lazy intonations that make his music smooth and enticing to listen to.

From the beginning, The Weeknd has always had an eerie atmosphere to his music and it is almost as if you’re Alice in Wonderland stepping into an even darker version of Wonderland, or to Abel’s perspective, “Kiss Land.” Also, just look at his hair? Tell me you do not think he is Other-Earthly or some sort of Other-Being with that spider thing on his head?! (The post-modern version of The Mad Hatter?)

This time, in “The Hills,” the music video commences with The Weeknd, mid-afternoon or early evening, wounded and bleeding from the head. He emerges from the car and then two other women step out of the flipped over car that they were just in. One of the women begins pushing him and shouting at him, but he continues to stagger along through the quaint and typical suburban neighborhood around them. The music and his voice are then accompanied by a freaky sounding scream sprinkled throughout the song. The lights gradually get darker and darker until his face is no longer visible and the car explodes into flames in the background behind him being the only source of light in the frame. The musician eventually enters into a mysterious house and goes upstairs to where he finds two women sprawled across the bed and some random old lady. The end. Uhh… That’s so-Weeknd-like …

The erotic song was produced by Million $ Mano and Illangelo. Abel, the artist himself, presented the song live at Coachella last month.

Here’s the link to the song– Check it out and let us know what you think! What do you think the new album will be like?


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