Spotify is Now “Running:” New App Initiative

In the above image, Twitter account @Mashable remarks on their experience with Spotify’s, one of the largest music streaming platforms of our generation, newest app invention. You athletic runners out there, this is for you!

Picture of @Mashable tweet about their experience with Spotify’s new app. Photo source from Twitter: @Mashable.

Spotify announced the release of its newest app, Spotify Running. Now, let me begin by saying this, I was incredibly amazed by the idea and think that it is going to augment Spotify’s listener and user numbers a ton. It is so innovative. The idea behind the app is that when you start running the app will begin to track your pace and choose songs that match that beat and rhythm of your step while also calculating the genre of songs based on what you have listened to. How cool is that?!

Candice Katz, a Spotify blogger posted that, “Music is the perfect running companion but sometimes you need even more motivation to push on… That’s why Spotify Running is all about helping you go the extra mile.” (Spotify Running video advertisement below.)

Time Magazine even praised the app as something fun and exciting!

Another cool aspect is that the app was constructed with the help of some well-known DJs, like Tiësto, and composers who also included some novel original pieces of their own to fit what runners might prefer to run to.

You’ve got a whole host of genres available to you from hip-hop, to indie kick, to electronic, to pop, to country and more. Just imagine it is like hitting a Piñata and you don’t know what is inside, but that’s the thrill of the surprise! You could get Mumford and Sons, or Kygo, or The Killers, or Zedd, or Beyoncé, or Kendrick Lamar, or Queen, or… Who knows what?! The list goes on!

Spotify announced this sweet new app at a press conference last week and they tweeted about it to their followers on May 21st.

Image of @Spotify announce its newest app and a #NewSpotify to its followers. Photo source from Twitter: @Spotify.

There has been much talk about the engaging tool Spotify has developed. Specifically, staff writer for Macworld, Caitlin McGarry, was pleased by the database’s fabrication. She wrote,

“The new running feature and podcasts alone would convince me to pony up for a premium subscription if I didn’t have one already.”

Now, she mentioned podcasts. What, you ask? Well, in addition to the Running app, Spotify has also added features to the app design that allows you to watch podcasts and, at the moment, a limited number of, shows and videos. All of this is meant to keep up with the music industry that is growing ever-so rapidly. Although, McGarry may be a strong believer in the renovations, there are still some skeptics out there.

For instance, Spencer Kornhaber, a writer for The Atlantic, criticized the app, noting, “Spotify didn’t revolutionize my run.” He explains that a lot of the time, the app would freeze at one particular mph pace and would not change the song according to his beat or would choose a song he truly didn’t love, but it chose it just because at one point it played through his streaming history. However, he also wrote that “music, study after study has shown, can improve a person’s exercise routine by motivating, distracting, and pushing the body’s tempo…Spotify was smart to bring Tiësto in, as dance is often called “body music” for a reason.”

Nonetheless, I think that it is a great step towards a brighter more successful and creative future for Spotify, and I can’t wait to get the app and start using it for my morning workouts or late night walks this summer.

So, get up and get out and let Spotify soundtrack your life!


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