Trey Songz has Re-Released his Album as “Trigga Reloaded” and it is Killer

Trey Songz “re-loaded” his album “Trigga” and it is something to really rave about.

American hip-hop, R&B/Soul artist, Trey Songz, released his album Trigga Reloaded on June 23rd, 2015 and it is a killer album. Based on his previous album, Songz went back and redid his album in order to make it a little steamier. Mr. Steal-Your-Girl is back and even more seductive than ever. He utilizes sweet, quick hooks, slick lines, and smooth percussion to carry his listeners through the album, and this time the whole set list flows much better.


The album contains 18 tracks and is basically the same as the last with an extra shot of expresso or a booster of a few new singles. These singles are “Serve It Up,” “Always You,” and “Loving You” featuring Ty Dolla $ign. The album can now be found on Spotify and iTunes.

Here is the playlist of his entire album; give it a listen!

To highlight a specific way he has changed one of his songs, take “Foreign”  for example. The song started out as a single vocalist’s song, just Songz, but then it was remixed to include Justin Bieber, and now it is transformed in a very cultural R&B set up. You can here a woman speak in French for a longer portion of the song, a woman speak in Spanish, more music sounding cultural with hispanic tunes and melodies, changes in pace, and new instruments. It actually is a very entertaining and well-constructed record.

Lots of his fans exclaim that they love the renovation of the album. Nonetheless, many of his fans profess their disappointment, as well, because they feel that there is not enough uniqueness or difference to this album after waiting so long for its release, and they question why he reused and recycled songs. I figured that this was a cool idea to remodel and add to his songs, but I understand how that may seem boring to many and how it does not necessarily show any musical prowess except that he tweaked his album. There were 3 new songs on this album, but that was the extent of the novelty for the track list.

In an interview on The Wendy Williams Show over the album, the Virginian-born artist mentioned how he just got back from his tours with Chris Brown, Tyga, and Nicki Minaj. He also admitted that songs on the album do have to do with his jewelry designer girlfriend, whom he has known for about 8 years, but only until now had they decided to take the next step towards a relationship.

Songz on the Wendy Williams Show.

Williams asked him why he decided to reload the album, to which he responded that the reason was because so many of his fans loved the songs on the last album and wanted more of it in music videos and other forms, that he felt like he wanted to “extend the life of this album.”

Overall, after giving a full listen to the Trigga Reloaded, I found myself singing along because I knew them from before, and I was pleasantly surprised in each song when the adjustments kicked in and made the track something new to listen to, while still staying the same familiar piece I heard before. The album is slick, sexy, cool, slow, and fast. And it is definitely a lot more explicit. A great R&B album for the summer.

Let us know what you think of it!


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