NERVO’s Rise to Stardom

The debut of their record is a huge stepping-stone for the dynamic duo who started broke, then climbed to international stardom.

Album artwork for their debut of ‘Collateral.’

Olivia and Miriam Nervo (or the Nervo Twins) are twin sisters born in Melbourne, Australia, who say that their musical infatuations began when they were 7 years old and continued to this date. They attended a performing arts school for music and they went to various performances to cultivate their interests in music. However, at the time, they were models for the Australian Chadwick Models Agency. Another agency reached out to them asking for them to be their ambassadors, but they refused the offer deeming that music is their only focus. So, at the brisk age of 19, the two decided to make a daring move to London to start their music careers. Their LP retraces their journey, through a full and well-constructed 15 tracks, to becoming the “world’s highest-ranking female DJs.” It will release July 24th, but can be pre-ordered July 10th with the bonus of getting the track “Hey Ricky” in advance!

I remember hearing of these girls before on a Spotify playlist I was listening to while running and their single “It Feels” played. I was just extremely energized by the tune and power of the music produced as the bass took over and the vocals would soften and then escalate to get you pumping. The same goes for their piece “Hold On,” another inspiring and heartbeat-racing-type song. Both are definite summer playlist must haves whether on the dance floor, on the road, or at the beach.
Here are links to their soundcloud and official page to hear a few samples of their hit singles from the album Collateral:


In addition, the DJ-ing 28-year olds never thought they would find themselves collaborating with other producing stars such as David Guetta, Nicky Romero, Dev, Afrojack, Ke$ha, Avicii, Armin Van Buuren, Kelly Rowland, and Steve Aoki (among many others). NERVO, once hitting the club scene and making waves with the single ‘This Kind of Love,’ was able to reach the #1 spot on the world club charts in 2010 followed by ranking #1 on the Billboard, Hype Machine, and Beatport charts and becoming the highest ranking female DJs in all of history by DJMagTop100! They were able to perform in Vegas and many other venues, and with their unique look and charisma, they have been at the forefront of many photo shoots and publication covers! Furthermore, Liv and Mim are not only wicked producers, but are also killer DJs appearing at showcases like Ultra Music Festival, TomorrowLand and Ushuaia, Ibiza. They’re also the brand ambassadors for Tag Heuer, Ballantine’s Scotch Whisky, and clothing company Franklin & Marshall.

Ohlala, Nervo stepping on it at the mainstage. © 2012 | Tomorrowland.
© Al Powers,
Tomorrowland Festival.

At their own performances you can catch them dressed up in exotic colors and outfits surrounded in multiple colors and layers of laser lights.

Despite all of this excitement, it certainly was not easy getting to where they are now, even if these girls are gorgeous, badass super stars!

When they first arrived to London, they worked as waitresses and bartenders while also producing their music on the side and attempting to submit tracks to organizations who would be willing to listen to them and give them a fighting chance with the record labels. Nonetheless, they were pretty short for money, practically broke.

“We have a saying that goes, the harder you work, the luckier you get. We think it is a lot of hard work. You just keep working.” ~ NERVO

Well, Dory couldn’t agree more– they just kept working, just kept swimming, just kept swimming, swimming, swimming until… BAM! DJ/Producing queens! In fact, I bet you did not know that the Grammy-award winning song ‘When Love Takes Over’ by David Guetta was actually co-written with NERVO!  Forbes Magazine wrote an article on how “NERVO Might Just be the Highest Paid Female Act in EDM.”

NERVO reports about their acquaintance with Guetta:

“We met David on Skype and what he didn’t know is that we had already seen him in Ibiza.  It was the beginning of a lovely friendship. We remember the very first studio session, where he had this massive studio in Los Angeles, which was a really big thing for us, because we were broke writers. To even be in a studio like that inspired us to work really hard and deliver great work.” ~ NERVO

NERVO, Guetta, and Romero at the Delano performance in Miami, FL — March 21, 2013.

Now, in their first album, their sonic talent and skills are showcased in their detailed work in every song. In each track, there is a significant definition whether about love, power, heartbreak, set back, or freedom

“There is a mix of tracks on the album and all are intended for different purposes. That’s the beauty of working on an album! We didn’t need to just write tracks for the dance floor…” ~NERVO

The collaborations with other featured artists add a whole new element to their music that pours a bit of familiarity of style into a glass and then spikes it with a NERVO twist.


Forbes Magazine article “Why NERVO Might jus the the Highest-Paid Female Act in EDM.”

With their notorious mark on DJ and music history for women as well as a monumemtal movement of style in the music industry in general, these two are sure to continue to grow and fabricate the biggest drops you’ll hear on the dance floor. That’s one small step for two women, one giant leap for music-kind.

You can follow them at their Twitter account: @nervomusic, and their Instagram account: @nervomusic, or like their Facebook page: NERVO.



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