Rita Ora Releases Collaboration ft. Chris Brown and It Is Killer

Finally, after much anticipation and a few feuds later, American hip-hop sensation, Chris Brown, and British pop star and actress, Rita Ora, released their latest collaboration, “Body On Me,” on August 7th, 2015, and it is a sexy, killer single!

Earlier this year, the artists announced their collaboration through Instagram posts and tweets to their fans. I was all too excited because I believed that they would be a perfect match— and they proved my case!



What makes the song so fantastic is that it sounds like a chill summer road trip song perfect for the R&B lover. At the beginning, there are some chants of a man’s voice that fits the synth vibe and then Ora serenades us with a sweet beat-filled backdrop that uses hi-hats, toms, and bass. She then finishes off a verse chanting herself leading us to Brown’s melodic voice that has grown on me over time. He has played with the synthesizer tunes and electronic rhythms a lot in the past few years, and I believe he has come to master the art. Together, the duo sing the chorus. The song itself may not be too much of an experimental piece; in fact, it may not stray far from records the musicians have done in the past, but they combine both of their genres and it still harnesses the listener’s attention and gets you jamming, swaying, nodding your head and blasting the song on a brisk summer’s evening.
In addition, the song is as any R&B song with two hot looking people should be: steamy and sexy. I mean, just look at their promo pics! Ora coos at the beginning of the song:

“Baby, let’s cut down the lights

I just really wanna let this fire run bright

I’m just telling you to have an open mind

Just imagine us…”

and then she sings:

“I just want to feel your body on me/No more wasting time, we can go all night.”

The duet then merges together in perfect, seductive harmony.
Check out the music video for the song here now!

Ora explains the motivation behind the song in an interview with Hot 97: “It’s all about pussy power,” she told them. “It’s really about how we [girls] get judged for the things that we do and how men don’t.”
According to Hot New Hip Hop the user ratings ranked the song and 81% said it was “VERY HOTTTTT.” Well done Brown and Ora.
This song is to show up on Roc Nation star’s, Ora’s, newest album that is said to come out in January 2015. It was delayed until then after some difficulty with her DJ sensation ex-boyfriend, Calvin Harris, that caused a lot of heart break and trouble in the music industry for Ora. Now that all of that is over, her LP to come is to be stronger and bolder. It will include other featured collaborations with artists such as Ed Sheeran and Disclosure. In the past, she was known for her singles “How We Do (Party),” “I Will Never Let You Down,” and “Poison,” all very fun songs to listen to. Looks like she is definitely climbing her way up the American music charts though, experimenting with genres and trying to get as much name power as she can with her new album. She is going on tour in the U.S. as of this year! In many interviews, she has spoken with such confidence and strength, not to mention she is such a bombshell, that I think she has already made it into many peoples’ hearts with that winning smile, those perfect eyebrows, the platinum blonde hair, and her strong, beautiful voice.
Before “Body On Me” was committed to be recorded though, a bit of a dispute occurred between Rihanna and Ora. Rihanna was furious that Ora would be working on this song with Brown I guess showing that she was not really over him. Nonetheless, 24-year old Ora still went for it and branded her voice onto a killer single with 26-year old Brown.


Of course, this single was a step in a more R&B territory for Ora, so it is for you to decide whether this is the right genre for her or not. Share this article with your friends and let us know what you all thought!

P.S. 1. The song is now available on iTunes and on Spotify. 2. A music video is said to be on its way and to be directed by Colin Tilley. And 3. In other news, Ora recently played a role in the latest movie release starring actor Jake Gyllenhaal, Southpaw.



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