The Morning Rave, DAYBREAKER, Comes to Boston

It’s time to get out of bed and get active; it’s time to see the sun shine and see your potential; it’s time to get inspired and feel alive– this is DAYBREAKER, the morning workout rave party you HAVE to be a part of!

Instagram: @dybrkr.

Here it is at last, the global morning movement is coming to the city of Boston, MA this month and it is going to transform and revolutionize the way you get ready for work or school! College students and young workers, this is your wake up call to get healthy and active in a more innovative and enchanting way.

What is DAYBREAKER you ask? It is how you defy the norms of exercise. It is how you rebel against the mundane and monotonous morning routines.  Goodbye treadmill, goodbye boredom, goodbye exhaustion, goodbye moon… Hello sunshines, hello good vibes and sweet times, great music, healthy snacks, and wonderful people and company.

It is your space– a space for reckless abandon. This is a domain for the curious, for the adventurous, and for the daring.

DAYBREAKER has been dancing its feet off in cities far and wide, from: New York City to Los Angeles to San Francisco to London and more!

Now it’s here for Boston and ready to invite you to one of the best  morning alarm clocks you’ll ever invest in. They are the wicked wake up call you have been waiting for.


Enter these dancing realms with confidence and exuberance and desire! You can flow with vinyasa yoga with Izzy VanHall or you can “yoga”  with EDM music and dance to the rapturous beats and rhythms fabricated by the DJ of the hour, B3RAO. You can bask in the glory of morning rays and be served complimentary coffee, juice, and breakfast goodies! WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK FOR– I mean come on!?

The launch event will be located in one of Boston’s best known night life clubs, NAGA, located in Cambridge, MA from 6 am – 9 am, on Thursday, October 29th!

Here is the info on the event for Boston:

I have been given the amazing opportunity to press cover the event and hopefully participate as well. When I first heard of the project, I laughed a little thinking of how silly it sounded to be dancing around in the morning in such a fashion, but then I thought about it again and how dancing was a source of energy for me and how much this kind of event would appeal to my millennial generation.

DAYBREAKER (or dybrkr) fosters a beautiful community of people looking to immerse themselves in their passions. That is what makes this venue and program so unique–the diverse and dynamic nature of the people and activities in it that encourage being yourself and expressing oneself in a multitude of ways. Yoga, aerobics, dance, and other forms of cardio.

It’s been interviewed before and has many videos for you to see what it’s like to be a part of such a diverse, dynamic, and riveting community!





Everyone is so ecstatic and exhilarated to be there with people of the like. They wake up completely enlightened and reborn by just the mere form of dance and music and movement.

They create a new atmosphere and environment that takes you to another place– one where you are free to breathe and just let all of your worries go and live in this very moment.

Take a group of friends with you and just let go all of the troubles of the semester! Take a load off and experience something you have never done before. Stretch your horizons to infinitude and see how just a simple change of mind and a little dancing can go a long way to make your day! If you’re interested though you got to move quickly and snag your tickets before they’re all gone!

It’s time to kick start your day the right way. Explore yourself and your body. It is time to start something new and reinvent the way we commence our morning rituals. Want to see more of the mischievous and intriguing event?

Check it out at its various social platforms:


Make sure to share this event with your friends; and as for you local Bostonians, we hope to see you on the dance floor, bright and early! 😉


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