Boston University Presents Music Business Club

Calling all Boston University aspiring music business students! What is better than enjoying acoustic music accompanied by the aroma and taste of freshly brewed coffee all performed and served to you in a cafe-like setting on a chill Saturday night?

That’s right, nothing.

11218981_10207964415897837_5880515319778355057_n-1.jpgBoston University is known to (unfortunately) not have a strong music business authority, or any sort of music-corporation-affiliated organizations or courses at all to offer to interested students. So…with that in mind, a group of aspiring business students with a passion for music gathered together this year to create a group called the Music Business Club (aka MBC) on Boston University’s campus. With the sponsorship of BU’s business fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi, they hope to make this a great promotional kick-off event for the club’s potential success in the future for further engagements. They hope to become a greater presence and a go-to resource for students looking to go into the music industry world.



The event will take place next week on November 14th at 7:30 PM – 9:30 PM featuring artists from the local area: 2 BU student artists, Samica Jhangiani and Emma Jayne, and 2 other very talented collegiate student musicians, Jack Higgins from Berkley College of Music, and Alex Navarro from Boston College. The location will be in our one and only BU Central, the perfect atmosphere and aura for a coffee shop theme.


So, make the most of your Saturday night and come out with your friends to have pastries and coffee and kick back to some sweet tunes. Afterwards, you will get to interact with the artists and the people who organized the event (such as the artist’s management committee and events committee) and discuss what the process was like to organize a concert-like activity and how managing is like in a music business sense. This is your time to share your interests and passions with those whom are similarly interested in engaging in the music industry realm!

Hope to see you all there!



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