Bieber Finds “Purpose” with New Album Release

Never would I have thought that I would say that I am a “Belieber.” Before I get carried away though, let me explain why Justin Bieber’s newest album release caught my attention.



I can honestly say Bieber has proven me wrong with this piece or has at least redeemed himself in my eyes. He released the album “Purpose” on Friday, November 13th, but there was nothing unlucky about that day for him as he made his way to the Top 100 list instantly on the Billboardcharts and was rated 4 out of 5 stars by the company!

His extremely anticipated album “Purpose” is now out and you have to get it or at least listen to it! HOT DAMN.
One by one, each single he revealed from his new album was fire. People could hear a new direction in the voice of the heartbroken youth. He went from the baby vocals of a starstruck musician to the professional 21-year old, disheartened composer with a lot of potential and a lot to prove. I think he has finally found his niche in the music realm. The EDM vibe of his music resonates with his intonations and pop/R&B riffs.

At first, the joke was that his songs were too pushy and too silly, asking too many questions from “Where Are Ü Now” to “What Do You Mean,” but each time, people found themselves singing along, and bumping to the tunes… then came “Sorry” and “I’ll Show You”… and it all just melded together from that point on.

This continuum of music experimentation has set Bieber on a path of amelioration in his sound. It is leading Bieber to a much better place. As awful as it sounds, the fact that Selena broke his heart may have humbled Bieber to realize his real voice. The one that was meant to be heard and used to fabricate this tracklist.
An album of 18 songs, consisting of many brilliant collaborations perfectly and uniquely construct the record. I am not ashamed to admit the fact that this is an actual piece of musical art produced.
He has a story behind it, and remains consistent but still engaged, connected, and true.

He reportedly said in an interview with iHeartRadio that this album reflected how “after growing up in the spotlight for most of his life, he lost his purpose for a little while, but has found it again. And that’s what this new album is all about.”

Album Artwork for ‘Purpose.’

The tatted, bleach blonde has more behind the pretty-boy face. Make sure to order his album or stream it, because it is one you do not want to miss. The album is the perfect party ambience playlist; however, keep in mind, that this is a perspective into Bieber’s thoughts and feelings and that the party tunes are layered by the solemn sounds of synths and his harmonious whimpers (yes, I do mean that). Bieber isn’t trying to foster the night club, go-hard vibe, he is trying to produce the feeling of the person dancing in the middle of the dance floor amongst a bunch of strangers and is not sure what to do or why he is there to begin with. This is a song for those who self-reflect, the man talking to the moon.

There has been an ever-growing shift to dance-pop-tropical house-R&B sound filling the playlists of Spotify, and Bieber has fully embraced this multi-faceted era of music by matching his vocals to the background and white noise. I think this really demonstrates his development and growth in the industry and he is targeting his millenial fans much more.

After an intimate interview with i-D Magazine, Bieber spoke about recovering from his breakup with Selena Gomez and shifting from the tween icon hearthrob that he was to the adult, understanding, and experienced pop artist he is now. When they asked him about his new sound Bieber said:

“I think it’s more relatable now. When I had that young voice it was hard for people to connect. Dudes can listen to it now and say, ‘Yeah, I like that new Bieber song.’”
You’ll melt to the smooth, whiny sounds of the multitude of notes he utilizes. From the lush electro rhythms, the accentuated vocals, the risers, the drops, the basses, the dolphin squeaks (aka frequency-adjusted vocals), the major and minor octaves and scales,
Bieber is everywhere, but he is put together. A euphony of dynamic sound I can’t help but continuously listen to.

This was a necessary and critical album for Bieber’s career. Not only did it humble him in the eyes of his listeners, fans, and haters, but it also showcased his ingenuity and emotion. He truly sounds genuine as he asks “Where R Ü Now,” “What Do You Mean?,” when he says “Sorry,” “keep each other company,” and “Love Yourself.”

I personally love his songs “Sorry,” “What Do You Mean,” Love Yourself” ft. Ed Sheeran, “I’ll Show You,” and “We Are” ft. Nas.

Below is his music video for his song, “I’ll Show You.”


Bieber also stated to iHeartRadio that:

“The significance of my album ‘Purpose’ is basically just to let people know that whether you lost your purpose, or you don’t feel like you have a purpose, it’s really important you find it.”

All I can say is a job well done Bieber. You have most certainly proven the skeptics of your music wrong.

To mention a few of his collaborations, they include: Big Sean, Nas, Halsey, Ed Sheeran, Skrillex, Diplo, Travi$ Scott, and more. What I love is that each artist he works with still continues to sing the way that they do in their respective genres, and Bieber just adjusts to that and matches their domain and range.Screen-Shot-2015-11-14-at-7.40.31-AM.pngScreen-Shot-2015-11-14-at-7.40.45-AM.pngScreen-Shot-2015-11-14-at-7.41.02-AM.png

Celebrities and collaborators congratulate and promote Bieber’s album release on Twitter and HeadlinePlanet reports that Bieber Reaches Top 100 in iTunes Sales with his song “The Feeling” ft. Halsey at the top!

Celebrities and collaborators congratulate and promote Bieber’s album release on Twitter and HeadlinePlanet reports that Bieber reaches Top 100 in iTunes Sales with his song “The Feeling” ft. Halsey at the top!


Bieber certainly has a purpose now behind his music, whether that be a certain woman on his mind who will always hold his heart, or the experiences he has had, they have given him a reason to sing and take this path of music now.
Make sure to check out all of his music videos, announcements on his tour dates, and social media!


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