Alessia Cara: Live at Brighton Music Hall

Last Friday night, chart-topping R&B/pop artist, Alessia Cara, gave an amazing performance at Boston’s intimate concert venue, Brighton Music Hall.

written by: Arzu Kir and Neelu Mohaghegh

Upon arriving to the venue, the atmosphere was filled with high-energy and anticipation for the three opening artists. These musicians all held a different style in their sounds, making the next performer just as unique as the last.  Collectively, they all contributed to creating an overall dynamic experience by introducing different genres to the audience.

The first to take the stage was the promiscuous and bold singer, Leaf. This woman knew how to pump up the crowd with her stage presence, complete with her two back-up dancers and their erotic choreography.



After giving a stunning performance, Craig Stickland took the stage with his acoustic guitar and vocals. He brought a sound that resembled a mix of Train and a higher-pitched Hozier. Needless to say, he shocked the crowd with his emphatic, passion-filled voice.

Craig Stickland.

The last opener was Kevin Garrett, a Brooklyn-based musician well-known among the R&B/Contemporary world.  Garret introduced a different vibe to the crowd— one that slowed things down. His particular sound conveyed melancholy emotions so strong that it had the girls in the crowd screaming out their adoration.

Kevin Garrett.

Several moments passed and the stage was finally set for the night’s anticipated headliner. The lights went out as screams filled the air, and Alessia Cara confidently strode onto the stage for her first stop of her U.S. tour. Dressed in a casual manner of a simple black shirt and black jeans, her style directly displayed her instant laid-back and relatable charisma.


Alessia Cara.

Her setlist covered her entire debut album, Know-It-AlI, released in November 2015, along with two well-known covers. The crowd, filled with diverse people of all ages, proved their dedication by engaging with the young artist throughout the night. Cara mutually engaged with her audience by separating the physical and emotional distance between her and her fans, keeping the spirit of the concert alive.

Alessia Cara.

Halfway through, she addressed the Boston crowd as the “loudest crowd yet.” Her constant humbled remarks to her fans showed how appreciative and modest she was about the journey she faced to get to where she is now. She also made a point to introduce her entire band, giving the recognition they deserved for their collaborative efforts.

Cara also introduced two of her more profound songs with special introductions. For her ballad “River of Tears,” she urged the crowd to put away their phones and to simply experience the moment with her. For her ballad “Scars to Your Beautiful,” she touched upon her views on body image. She emphasized that people in today’s society “decide what beauty should be” and vocalized how she’s opposed to it.

Alessia Cara.

Right before she sang her last song of the night, she made sure to take a picture of the crowd from her yellow polaroid, capturing the moment forever.

As part of her encore performance, she gave the crowd a treat by singing The Neighbourhood’s hit, “Sweater Weather.” The concert officially ended, and she left the crowd wanting more. The crowd was a lively sea of smiles, reluctant to leave the night.

For Alessia Cara, 2015 was not only her break-out year, but a year filled with incredible success. With constant radio play of her debut single “Here,” which recently became #1 on the Billboard charts, her presence in the music industry grew rapidly.  To hear the music that touched many, check out her album here:



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