Def Jam’s Jahkoy Releases New Track “Odd Future”

In the ever-growing genre of Contemporary R&B, there is a particular artist who has made a place for himself among the big leagues of Def Jam, and his name is Jahkoy.

Jahkoy Palmer (known simply by his stage name Jahkoy) was named by Billboard as an “Artist To Watch” in 2016, and it is impressive that he has been recognized among the extreme competition in new music and sound that enters the industry each day.


The Toronto-born musician brings a new element of music to the studio table and his past hit songs “Still In Love” and “Hold Your Hand” made a huge hit in 2015, having been played on rotation on such artists’ individual Beats 1 radio stations as, Zane, Elton John, Pharrell, and Drake! He has also caught the attention of numerous media platforms such as PitchforkComplexThe Fader and NYLON.
His music is considered to be a multitude of genres put together, creating the perfect cocktail of sounds and vibes. Jahkoy himself, claimed that his music could be best defined as “bipolar.” And that it is. From the layering of beats, tunes, vocals, rhythms, and instruments, he creates a robust sound that is just the right amount of chill, while also being dramatic.

The dynamic artist uses the sweet sounds of synthesizers and beats to create typical electronica sounds, like those produced by Cashmere Cat, MNEK, and SZA. He then blends that with the aesthetic appeal of rhythm found in R&B, constructing the feeling of the ebb and flow of tunes, much like artists Mack Wilds, Kevin Garrett, and Jarryd James. He then mashes the concoction with a touch of unique, echo-ey pop vocals. His voice is reminiscent of Justin Bieber, yet with a more serene, seductive R&B aura about it.
He sings in his single “Hold Your Hand”:

“Can we get to know each other
More than we already do
The crazy thing about forever
Is that I only believe in it with you”


His music is catchy and contagious. Tempting enough to take a seat and just lay back to think about life.

In Jahkoy’s recent release, “Odd Future,” produced by Wondagurl and Nova, he implements a different take on the structure of the song from the rest of his past works. In this piece, the instrumentals are slowed down, more chaotic, and more layered. The ability to distinguish the sounds are blurred and his voice emulates the same melancholy falsetto as that of The Weeknd accompanied by the backdrop of bold dance club-like beats. It is then disrupted here and there by the striking sounds of snares and the rawness of the rap bridge. It is a very unique piece of work compared to his past releases and fits very well amongst the artists that Def Jam manages and promotes.

To hear it, take a listen here:


Fans of his were ecstatic for the new drop, blowing up his twitter page:

@jahkoy retweet.

At 11-years old, Jahkoy had decided to start rapping under the name Raheem, a name that had been given to him by his father’s side of the family. He then realized, that in order to be noticed, he would need a much more unique sounding name, and so he chose to go with one that was less known among the music community, his birth name, Jahkoy. He began making music since then, with single after single. In the fall of 2013, his debut project, Dying To Live Forever, presented the new flare that he hoped to bring to the Contemporary R&B world. He uploaded his work on Soundcloud and the rest was history.

Universal Music Group

In hopes of reaching out to an audience outside of his hometown, Jahkoy made it his mission to go to Hollywood, and soon after he did. The now 20-year old lives in Los Angeles working on a potential publishing deal with 1916 Management. He knew that moving to California was the write move for his career. He told Tania Peralta, of online publication Noisey, that he wished to be in a closer vicinity to “all these artists, producers, and songwriters many up-and-coming rappers and singers” and “if I’m in the Universal office or studio in LA there’s a chance I can run into Kendrick, I can run into Chris Brown and I can mainly run into them because everyone is just here. There’s just a lot more opportunities.”

This statement proved true when he was offered the chance to work with a Grammy Camp that 1916 Management put together. Jahkoy is now in the studios with producers and songwriters that were a part of the Grammy’s and works on potential records for certain artists, more specifically with Talay Riley (who has done significant work for artists such as Chris Brown and Austin Mahone).

Jahkoy continues to build new styles to his sound and works alongside notable people in the industry to help him climb the ladder to success. There is no doubt that the collaborations he has implemented in his compilations have helped him in the music domain. His delicate lyrics blended with R&B and dance, have featured voices like Mecca Kalani and Willow Smith. He has also been a part of a collective called 1234, which includes Willow and Jaden Smith and many more talented creatives.

He will be performing in the amazing line-up for the Firefly Festival this summer!

Jahkoy sang it himself in his song “Still In Love”:

“It’s alright
It’s okay
To try and hide your feelings today
Been around
Been away
But I won’t let it stay the same”

He certainly won’t let it stay the same with the momentum he is gaining in the music world, and many look forward to seeing what is in store for him in the new year of 2016 and what he is to produce in the future. He is an artist with a lot of potential and passion that is going to add to the musical community.

To hear more of his music, check out this link to his Soundcloud (you can also find him on Spotify) below and be sure to follow him on InstagramTwitterFacebook, and his Official Website.


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