Bryson Tiller at The Wilbur Theatre – Boston

I’ve been working on it, putting in overtime…

*Overtime by Bryson Tiller

These are the words to American R&B singer-songwriter and rapper’s, Bryson Tiller, song “Overtime,” which he performed last night at The Wilbur Theatre in Boston, Massachusetts, Thursday, February 25th. Tiller gave the crowd a night to remember as his melodic, melancholy, seductive, and emphatic vocals encompassed and shook the entire vintage theater, and possibly Boston.

PC: Neelu Mohaghegh

On another night in the city, a line filed up outside of the building that was to be presenting an artist who has been making quite an impression on RCA Records and other notable R&B artists. He entered full force into the contemporary R&B scene with his debut studio album, T R A P S O U L, in 2015.  Listeners all around were thoroughly intrigued by the magnitude of this man’s abilities in the music he put out. One could tell that the record was well-thought out and constructed.

The show opened to a hot, new hip-hop duo act, known as THEY., who have been best known for their single “Motley Crue,” and who performed excellently for the crowd! The two gentlemen who make up this band, Drew Love and Dante, reminded people of Rae Sremmurd, but with a more Empire TV series-esque vibe to them. Their vocals and music were on point and really had the crowd hyped for the main attraction to come. You can listen to their EP Nü Religion, here!


After their performance, they thanked the crowd, and the DJ took over, turning some sick beats and tunes and transitioning songs with ease. The theater was practically bouncing, and at one point during the show, an audience member got up and started getting down so hard, dancing so well, that he captured the crowd’s attention and everyone cheered and adored him. Finally, it was the main act’s turn to take the stage, and when the lights died out and the beat started up, the crowd went crazy. The light shadowed the figure that would be Bryson Tiller and the fans were prepared for his incredible musicality and artistry.

The Kentucky-born musician’s career began when he posted many of his videos online and then started to massive internet attention from music industry insiders and experts. He hit his peak when he released his single “Don’t,” which, at the time, was only available on SoundCloud. After the breakout of that song, record producers Timbaland and Drake, gave Tiller the recognition he needed to be picked up and signed by a RCA Records. His music even reached the Billboard Hot 100 charts at number 11!

What differentiates Contemporary R&B music from its main genre base, R&B, is that while it still consists of the similar Rhythm and Blues elements that make music suave, sexy and on-beat, the contemporary part includes and combines other musical facets, such as, soul, funk, pop, hip-hop and dance. The electronic sounds created by synthesizers, the rhythm of the bass, the rap verses, the bold voices, the sweet lyrics– that is what makes up contemporary R&B, and what makes up Tiller’s musical domain. At just the young age of 23, Tiller has perfected a genre. He calls his musical style, “just trap and hip hop-influenced [by] R&B, the perfect marriage between hip hop and R&B.”


PC: Neelu Mohaghegh

He has deemed that some of his musical influences are: Omarion, R. Kelly, The-Dream, Lil Wayne, Chris Brown and Drake. People who have heard his music sometimes compare him to artists like  Jeremih, Drake, PartyNextDoor and Tory Lanez.

Nonetheless, last night, he executed his own show, and performed for the crowd. The lighting of the stage was incredible. All it was, was a simple set, and one LED banner across the background of the stage that displayed video-game-esque bands across its screen, perfectly silhouetting Tiller as he serenaded us all. His adoring fans reached out for him and he reciprocated the love by holding their hands and singing straight to them. What was so impressive was the fact that he sounded just as he does on his studio album, making his credibility spike up the charts. He spoke about dreams, he spoke about women, he spoke about hatred and he spoke about love. Tiller displayed so much charisma as he jumped, danced, gestured and paced back and forth across the stage. He had the crowd entranced; in fact, he seemed to have trapped their souls.

The crowd was young, but there was an aura about them that matched the intonations of the artist entertaining on stage. Tiller fostered somehow a group of people with passions and ambitions it seemed. Everyone around the room were smiling, and respecting Tiller as he went song by song, and small talk. People danced and cheered and for those instances, it felt as if there were nothing to worry about, and all that there was to do was enjoy the music.

Album artwork for T R A P S O U L.

Bryson is evolving in the music industry, and will absolutely be gaining momentum as he performs more and creates more. There have been discussions about future projects he is planning and working on at the moment, and fans are eager to hear what the innovative composer has in mind.

Listen to his album here now!


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