Sammy Adams Will Finally Release Album ‘The Long Way’

~6 Years Later~

Yes, after several years in the making, Sammy Adams will finally release the long-awaited album The Long Way.



The American hip-hop artist started his career in the music industry 8 years ago, and since then has made more than just the fame, he made himself a name. He left his mark on the music domain for others to share with him. Though it took this master of rhythm and beats 6 years to complete his masterpiece, Adams’ sophomore album is to finally come out next week on March 24th! Fans can pre-order the album on iTunes now, if they so wish!

In order to keep his fans calm and assured that he is still making music, he documented the creative process of the album release. You can watch this behind-the-scenes look at the making of his album from this YouTube video!

Though he took “The Long Way” out to fabricating this record, it was well worth the wait. With eclectic sounds, novel elements and layers, and  forceful chants, Adams never lost any of his musical prowess in the making, he only made it better! Adams states in his videographer back story that,

…it takes a while in the mixing process to get the sound that you really want. Sometimes little, like, imperfections, I leave ’em in. Some records that were too glossy and perfect, they sort of lose feeling if they’re not from the heart and they’re not what you wanted to sound like.

In a world of hipsters, mediocrity, and half-hearted effort, it is inspiring to see that people from our generation still pursue their passions and do not let their “appreciation” of the art, stop them from creating their own composition. College students, such as ourselves, sometimes fall into the trap that is the convenience of having everything done and made for you, so that you do not need to proceed with your interests or you should not try to stray too far from the norms of the industry, but Adams only advocates working hard and developing your own design.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 8.56.28 PM.png
Boston, MA


Still, with his unique vocals and rapping styles, aggressive, but rhythmic, Adams has now added components of electronic dance tunes and tones. Nonetheless, Adams has continued to make a statement through his music right from the start, from Boston’s Boy to Homecoming to now The Long Way.

In the video, he documents the day-by-day of the mixing, producing, and evolving process of what is to be his creation. Snippets of his tracks are played throughout the video acting as a perfect backdrop to the inner workings of his mind and his desired sound of the album.

He keeps the episodes fun, light-hearted, and real, as we, as the viewers, follow him on his road trips, studio workings, and concerts. The way he interacts with his production team, as if they are family o him, really demonstrates the significance of this project for him.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 7.49.59 PM.png
@sammyadams Twitter account

Adam explains that “It’s taken a while, and it’s taken a lot, sort of, mentally and physically out of me, just ’cause all of the travel, and just being on the road and being away from family, and that’s really where you dial in the struggle to really fit your story.

He has not had it easy always, but that is a good lesson to everyone. Nothing comes easy, nothing is served to you on a silver platter and nothing is connected for you that way. “It’s so cool for me to live my dream making music, especially since it was, like, such a pipe-dream before…”


All aspirers feel the same. All young adults and college students begin their journey of identifying what it is they truly love to do and what they want to bring in this world–how they wish to leave their mark, but some of us get there, and some of us don’t. There has to be that drive, that passion, that true, unconventional and incredible, flaming desire to be something greater than the expected. And nothing should stop you if this is what you want.

Adams claims that,

I guess getting knocked down keeps me going ’cause, like, I guess I just don’t get f****d, I get back and instead of having the mentality of proving people wrong, let’s prove all the people right, that have been supporting this since day one.

Screen Shot 2016-03-17 at 7.50.18 PM.png
@sammyadams Twitter account

Beginning his journey in the makeshift studio of dorm rooms, Adams has delineated that there really are no barriers or obstacles in your path, and once you do make it, there should be no desire to conform to the likings of others. You are your own brand, your own identity, and if it’s a product of you that you believe in, that you create through the rhymes and tunes and vocals, than people are going to want it. People are going to see it’s true value.

Boston Boy, the nick name Adams took on with pride being the Boston-born that he is, teaches a valuable lesson at the beginning of his video that he lives by and proves through the hard work and thoughtfulness he puts into The Long Way, “probably, one of the coolest things that I’ve learned, in the music industry, is just that perseverance and all the sh** that you go through does have a pay off at the end of the day.” Well, he is definitely not wrong there as his fan base can not wait for the  release his  15 track album (This includes such songs as, “Remember,” “Long Way,” “All Night Longer feat B.o.B,” “Helluva feat. Kat Nestel,” and “Electric Appeal” all now available on iTunes).

The music video for “Helluva” will be going live next Thursday with the release of The Long Way album! So keep a lookout for that as well!


Be sure to follow him and keep up to date about his release!

Official Website

Listen Now at Soundcloud




To hear the music and download it now, check the iTunes Link and the Apple Music Link for The Long Way.


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