Jhené Aiko with New Single Release and Now Married!

The soul-capturing, mystical, and sultry sounds of vocalist Jhené Aiko are back again in a new song called “b’s and h”s!”

The woman that started it all with her erotic, soothing, and cynical album Sail Out,  followed later by her uplifting, wondrous, and pure album Souled Out,  is back again with a song that sounds like the works from her past, like “Beware” (collaborated with Big Sean), and that of her new creations, like “Spotless Mind.”

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 2.25.23 PM.png

In this single, listeners follow the hollow, echoic rhythms that keep time as Aiko weaves her harmonies and melodies in and out of the rhythms. Off-tempo and on-tempo, the artist plays with sound with ease and carries each verse through chorus lines and tracks and synthesized intonations over a layer of subwoofers and basses.

The song escalates in intensity but only to a limited point that it is erotic but sweet. It almost feels like it muffles the shouts inside and transforms them into a lullaby. It keeps you holding your breath to then pace your inhales and exhales. Every song Aiko has ever produced is as if one is listening to her song in his or her own meditative world, entering a state of enchantment, entranced by only the sounds and consumed by her haunting words with an optimistic twist.

Listen to the single here now!

In addition to this fantastic release, Aiko is in celebration for her newest hallmark in life–she is married! Apologies to all of those single men out there who were desperately waiting for their chances with her, and to the women who had major woman crushes on her, because her heart has been “souled out” to one man, and that man is Oladipo Omishore, also known professionally as the American record producer and mixing engineer from Brooklyn, New York City,  Dot da Genius.

Instagram @dotdagenius

The Vibe announced their congratulations to the newly weds who secretly married 21 hours ago! They confirmed and officially sealed this vow of marriage on Instagram Wednesday, March 16th, while wishing Aiko a happy 28th birthday! The two have been dating since 2014 and have now tied the knot, reports HotNewHipHop.

Update: Unfortunately, the photos are no longer available, but we know they are happily wed.

Aiko’s daughter Namiko Love, now has another daddy which is so exciting for the little vocalist of Aiko’s song “Pretty Bird (freestyle).” Congratulations to the happy couple, sorry to many Aiko lovers, and I hope that they live happily ever after!

Also, here is the music video to “b’s and h’s,” so check it out!


Sail out!


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