[Exclusive] Interview with OXYMORRONS before Waka Flocka Flame Show

At the Paradise Rock Club on Friday, April 7th, Boston was graced by the presence of Waka Flocka Flame, but more importantly, they were honored by the performances of a new, up-and-coming duo that will be and is already taking the music world by storm, OXYMORRONS.



The two young talented men are actually brothers from Brooklyn who grew up in a very musically-oriented family, but they were the two who decided to pursue the passion as a career! They have kindly  teamed up with our partners GoodMusicAllDay and ourselves, Verge Campus to get their work out there!

Who are the OXYMORRONS? They are an American Urban Alternative Band from Queens, NY. The lead vocalists consist of brothers Demi “Deee” and brother Kami “KI”.

It was a pleasure to get to sit down with these two and my Editorial Intern and friend, Elena Moudios, filming us and get to learn more about them and their musical journeys and encounters and beliefs and thoughts. They were incredibly intriguing, someone fresh and novel for the music scene.

And it’s not just the OXYMORRONS whom are unique, but also their music, itself. They are the epitome of their name. It is eclectic, dynamic, melancholy, inspiring, bold, and exciting! They call their genre “Urban Alternative” because they do not define themselves by one sound, but rather a multitude of sonic perspectives and experimentations that become their own voice. They blend time-periods and centuries of music together into their pieces, making each track a new experience for the listener. Truly an oxymoron, indeed. They expanded their group of two into a group of five when they added the talents of drummer Matty Mayz, bassist Joe Jordan and guitarist Adam November. These music mixing masterminds utilize their musical medium to reach out to the underdogs, the outsiders, the rejects. They speak for the people in a revolution of tunes, vocals, rhythms, and beats.

In addition, besides the artistically constructed compositions of each song, Demi and Kami are also extremely profound behind the meaning of their tracks. For example, in one of their particular hit singles, “Hello Me,” the guys told reporter Lakin Starling, of The Fader, that

‘Hello me’ is about reflecting on and getting reacquainted with who you were and how you felt before losing something or someone special. Its not about mourning. Its about reflecting, embracing and celebrating not only who you were, but also who you are.

Recently, with that song, these two made it to the Spotify Viral 50, which is an incredible feat of its own!

Check out my amazing interview with these creatives to learn more about them and their music:


So, there you have it! It was a wonderful time getting to know the guys and getting to meet their crew and see a little behind the scenes work. It is demonstrated by their drive and uniqueness that their brand and music is going to go very far, and I can’t wait to see what they produce next! Be sure to listen to them if you haven’t yet!

-X2ZIGKy copy.jpg
Kami (left) and Demi (right).

Here is their Spotify!

Here is their latest music video release for their hit single “Hello Me.”


Like what you heard? Be sure to stay up to date with the guys by following them on their TwitterInstagram,  SoundcloudFacebook, and Official Website!

Album art for single “Hello Me”

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