Interview with Skylar Grey on New Single “Moving Mountains”

“I just wanna find my happiness
That’s why I work so hard, harder than the rest…”

~ “Moving Mountains” by Skylar Grey

She sang it out loud and professed it in her music, Skylar Grey is finding her happiness through her music.

SkylarGrey-MovingMountains-Artwork2048x_zpsugn9c7xmMulti-platinum selling, five time Grammy nominated artist and songwriter Skylar Grey has accomplished many feats in her musical career. I recently had the pleasure of speaking with her about a variety of topics from her own musical experiences, to her recent concert in Boston to her new single, “Moving Mountains,” out now on KIDinaKORNER/Interscope.

I asked Skylar how her concert went and what it was like touring with the Australian alternative-rock band Atlas Genius. She relayed that the show went great and that opening for the band was wonderful because they are a fun group to be around, very talented and energetic.  I then proceeded to ask what it was like writing her song “Moving Mountains.” Said Grey, “it’s just kind of like one of those timeless classics, it’s not necessarily pushing any sonic boundaries, but it’s like one of those songs that would be my favorite even when I’m eighty… haha… you know what I mean? I’m really proud of it, it’s one of my most poignant lyrics I’ve ever written. It’s been really fun explaining it to people and playing it for people and seeing their reactions to it.”  Skylar and I discussed the differences and changes her music has gone through genre-wise, from the realms of hip-hop and EDM, back to the indie-folk music that she started with initially. She explained that the transition back to the real Skylar Grey comes from a “grown-up place.”

Says Skylar of her new track  “Moving Mountains,”  she encourages the listener to

stop and smell the roses, elevate your mood and be present and appreciate the beauty of a flower, or a mountain, or anything…so no matter what’s in your life, that is negative, no matter what’s going on in my career, if I get rejected in the industry, I can still be happy. I should still appreciate everything around me. So that has been a really powerful message for me to learn…If my music moves someone emotionally, it’s a big compliment to me.

Skylar mentioned an amazing moment when a young girl came up to her once and told her how her music changed her life and kept her from committing suicide– truly moving.

Writing the music is a healing process itself, but to Skylar Grey, it is also about  putting it out there and letting it be heard by fans-  to share is what makes it worthwhile and cathartic. Skylar expressed gratitude for all of the opportunities she has had in the past writing music for huge music-industry names, but she feels that she has been given a second chance in the music world to really work on her own music that is meant for her to express herself and her voice.  Fortunately, this artist she has had a musically supportive family behind her aspirations. Her dad was in a barber shop quartet and her mom was an artist/musician. The two of them both understood her music, intuition, and desire to take music on as a career.

I then asked her what advice would she have for aspiring artists. Grey says that it is important to stay true to who you are because in the music industry a lot of people try to change you into something you are not. “The most successful artists have a unique sound, the most unique person you can be is yourself.”  We spoke about the music video Skylar recent released for “Moving Mountains.”  The video was filmed an hour away from her home in Utah. She told me it was a fun experience, but she did have to stand out in the cold all day long, with heaters in her hands.

I thought that a good way to wrap up our interview was by asking a fun question like, “what is one thing, musically related or not, that you want to do, like a bucket list wish?” She thought for a moment and then stated that she’d want to try storm chasing and find a tornado! At the end of the interview, we said our thank you’s and I wished her the best of luck on her new projects to come!

Make sure to keep a look out as this artist begins producing more music.

KIDinaKORNER / Interscope Records

Be sure to follow her on her on TwitterInstagram and Facebook!


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