[Exclusive] Interview with Motown Records Artist Malachiae Warren

At just 20 years old, this Motown Recording artist is doing it all! Meet Malachiae Warren, who started out as a Youtube-comedic sensation, then transformed into an actor, a director, an artist and a producer– what more can he do?! ([Exclusive] interview recording below!)\



I had the pleasure of speaking with the Atlanta-born musician to discuss some of his musical beginnings, his experiences in the industry, the music itself, and some fun facts. Though young, do not mistaken it for naiveté. Warren answered this call with extreme enthusiasm and zest to express himself to his fans and myself. He knows what he is doing, where he is going, and where he wants to be, something very rare in the indecisive nature of the people in our generation today.

I dreamed so hard that I didn’t really think about failure. Of course I had doubts, but the main goal was just to be something, like whether it was music, acting anything, I knew something was gonna take off. I never really think too much of the downfalls.

-Malachiae Warren.
This R&B musician’s work can be described as smooth, seductive, flowing, and impactful. Some could compare his musical stylings to that similar to the sounds of Chris Brown, Trey Songz, and Mack Wilds. He recently had released his EP, Heard U Was In My City, on March 25th, 2016. This compilation consists of 6 well constructed and strung together tracks!

Click on the image below to go to his Spotify album link!


Spotify Link

Here is the music video to one his tracks off his album, “Minute Made”:


Warren and I had a wonderful conversation and he had a lot to offer with his answers throughout the interview, but a few concepts that stood out about this individual were the facts that he had a drive and that drive was driven by his passion, his assertiveness, and his fans. He is extremely grateful for the friends and family who have supported him all this way into his artistic and creative career, and he is so in love with all of his fans who dedicate their ears to listening to his music. He exclaims, “absolutely! We wouldn’t be here without the fans!” He said with confidence and assurance that this is where he wanted to be and since he got the chance, he  has jumped in without hesitation, making sure to produce and offer the most that he can and immersing himself in various mediums of art forms: from comedy, to music, to film.

Here is a snippet of our interview!


Keep a look out for the this artist who will be rising the charts and will be not only capturing your musical interest, but will also be arresting your cinematic eye as well!

How to keep up with him?! Follow him on his social channels:





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