Kanye West Isn’t Finished: More Music on NAS film

I’ma let you finish, but first let me tell y’all…Kanye West isn’t finished here.

No, the American Hip-hop recording artist, songwriter, record producer, fashion designer, and entrepreneur, *breath,* is not stopping to take a break after the release of his latest project, The Life of Pablo. Instead, Kanye West has bigger plans. He mentioned to press that he is constructing new music and compositions that should be out in just a matter of months!

Nas (left), Kanye West (center), Pusha T (right)

How will the artist be delivering this shiny new sound to you? West will be creating music to serve as parts of the soundtrack to the skateboarding drama film The Land, executively produced by Nas and written/directed by Stephen Cape Jr. The film will include such familiar, star-studded faces as Erykah Badu and Machine Gun Kelly!

Yeezy won’t be the only one submitting new music for the big silver screen though. James Dinh of iHeartRadio discovered that, Pusha T, Jeremiah, and French Montana will also be producing music to add to the soundtrack, which is to drop on July 29th via Mass Appeal.

Scene from film ‘The Land.’

The Land is a depiction of a young skateboarder’s life in the hood of Cleveland, Ohio, and how he aspires to escape and reach his fullest potential and higher status in the activity of the sport.

Watch the trailer below:


According to NME.com 38 years old artist has been named as Webby Artist Of The Year for reaching “incredible digital heights” with his internet presence. The artist has hit record rankings with his music and continues to develop his sound as he experiments, produces, and interacts more with his fans “directly” through the virtual assistance of social media. He has made himself a brand that stands in the forefront of people’s minds and tunes that echoes in people’s ears. Loud and obnoxious, yet powerful and contagious, West will continue to capture the listener’s interest with his constant and consistent production. Now the only question is, will he be able to produce sounds of quality in such a short period of time? You guys will be the judge of that!

Follow the film’s twitter updates here to find out more on the film’s soundtrack releases and cinematic production.

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 4.01.46 PM.png
@Thefader reports on artists to be on soundtrack of ‘The Land.’
Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 4.03.45 PM.png
@kanyewest announces newest song release with collaborations from French Montana and Nas.



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