Stunning and Insane: Telegraph Ave Music Video— Childish Gambino


Childish Gambino released a music video a while back to accompany his single “Telegraph Ave (‘Oakland’ by Lloyd),” and it is stunning and outrageous!


The location of this cinematic representation of his track takes place in Kauai, Hawaii. Of course, Gambino has us feeling all the feels in this sweet rendition of a man falling in love on an island getaway with a beautiful girl (Jhené Aiko). And in like every music video the Hipster-hop artist constructs, he finds a girl, they have a whimsical rendez-vous, and then he gets friend-zoned. Oh Donald.

Nonetheless, the visuals are stunning. They’re powerful enough to take you to another place and the music in the video vibes and flows perfectly together in perfect harmony.


As you watch the scene-by-scene reel, the lighting strikes angles of the face in ideally accentuating ways. It shadows parts of Gambino’s facial expressions while also illuminating others, but consistently brightens Aiko’s throughout the short film.

As the beat and rhythm flow along with the driving, the waves, and Gambino’s gestures and dance, one can not help but feel transcendental and at peace in all of this balance of music and wanderlust. Gambino plays with his laid-back nature and reflects the seduction of the tropics in this music video.

But of course, like every freak and geek, Gambino leaves a bit of a surprise for all to see, abruptly disturbing the beautiful Island vibe and bliss you were experiencing.

The end will have your mind spinning…


Thought you’d be watching the  eternal chill of Gambino that possesses and exudes? Think again. Prepare yourself for that last minute… You may find that you’re jaw has dropped to the floor and that you’re replaying the end over and over again to assure yourself that you saw what you actually saw– until it finally sinks in, that yes indeed, that did actually happen in the video.


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