Chris Borelli Drops New Music Video: “Clocks”

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It’s about time! Chris Borelli is back with an all new music video for his single “Clocks.”

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Do not forget this name, Chris Borelli.

A couple weeks ago, Verge Campus writer, Adrian Thomas, had a one-on-one interview with the Massachusetts-local artist himself, discussing his story and the power behind the man and the music.

Now, Borelli proudly announces his return and rise by dropping a this new music video today for the track that comes straight off of his PASSIVE mixtape!

Check out how a Boston rapper’s story and love for the art of Hip-hop evolved into his career now, here.


The song, “Clocks,” is wonderful in itself with the Hip-hop vibe and flow it conveys. It has a beat that strikes the chest and a bass that surrounds your ears at every corner and angle. Borelli delivers this piece with purpose and extreme passion, so that when you hear him say:

I got elegance handcrafted in my psyche / lyrics be like movies on my mind so I write these / motion picture bars make you see the whole feature…genesis in my tone / one love I got the heart to bring the peace of my own / one shot to kill the game it’s not a piece I can done / I stole them, alright, with one of my masterpieces alone…

you know he means it all.

Every single word, line, lyric, verse, chorus, rhythm, beat is distinctly representative of the fabrications he thought of and wrote. You know he constructed this piece to not cater to anyone out there but himself and his fans. In the video, women and men and color are all stripped away by the lack of color to fully display an equal playing field. The visual display of his track is so incredibly unique. In all of that brief 4 minute and 37 second cinematic experience, you gain a better perspective of the artist himself and his musical identity.

The black and white of the video is just the right amount of simple to make the music truly stand out. The people in the video shape shift alongside the focal artist, and it’s almost as if you are moving along with time as the images alter and the faces and body movements change, as well as, the rapping goes on perpetually in a cyclical intonation. It’s as if he is chanting to the world out there as he breathes out his words hoping that you can keep up with him and feel him on his level. The crumpled paper-background adds a nice texture to the overall white noise of the video, and the up-and-down emotion that Borelli displays alongside his multiple actors who sing along with him, adds a diverse and dynamic element to the overall mobile scenes.

Borelli’s vocals were extremely striking in this particular track as he plays with his voice in its raw nature to a robotic sound and from a calm and collected incantation to a loud and emphatic announcement, to the smooth, melodic, and accentuating tunes of the sing-song chorus. The music is atmospheric from the start and builds up behind his verses, sounding simple, airy, low and high; almost like digital wind chimes.

At the end of the video, there’s a quick snippet of a blooper that displays the down-to-earth and authentic character Borelli is. In other words, he is keeping it real.

People could compare his sound to Logic, Kid Cudi, Childish Gambino, and G-Eazy, but of course he is an artist all of his own.

Borelli said in his last interview with Thomas that “I find the commonalities with what people are enjoying and what people enjoy the most. You take that as your main ingredient and mix it up with your story and your style.” He truly believes in the product he creates, and he wants to share that with people. “No matter how much the industry changes, as long as you continue to tell your story and stay true to what you are and how you convey it, I think people will always respect it, especially when they can rock to it,” Borelli explains.

Watch the music video now!:

He’s got the right formula and the right mindset, and there’s a great potential for this rapper to emerge in this city, as long as he continues to keep pushing forward, challenging his work, and putting himself out there for the crowd and community.

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Want to hear more from Borelli? Want to see more? Then be sure to follow him on Instagram / Twitter, like him on Facebook, and check out his Site and Soundcloud!


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