The Great Escape Playlist



Travel, travel, travel…. Anyone feeling wanderlust? Ya, we all are. Well, here is your little hint of relief; this is you’re Great Escape playlist!

This is a set list of electronic, international, R&B, indie, rock, and tropical house tracks that will get you into the right zone. You’ll feel all the moods of being on a Mediterranean Sea, hearing foreign voices, getting tropical vibes and R&B feels, rocking out to alternative indies tunes, and enjoying just the overall thrill of getting away and escaping somewhere unknown.

This playlist will have you saying c’est la vie, jumping into your car, and driving off or getting to the airport to jet set out of here and go to wherever your heart desires.

Satisfying all of your needs with all kinds of liberating music to help with your departure, there are artists like Matisyahu, Matoma, HelloGoodbye, Chris Brown, Galantis, Major Lazer, Broods, Ben Howard, The Knocks, Cobra Starship, The Fugees, Rihanna and many many more. Per usual, a very eclectic list to cater to whatever you need to breakout of the explorative-slump that you’re in. There are also a few artists from overseas with wonderful tunes that very much make you feel like you are sitting in an international coffeeshop listening to their tunes and drinking a nice cup of cappuccino. AND, of course some throwbacks, because why not?

Ah….This is your Great Escape. The Great Escape. That’s what some people need this summer, especially since school had you going crazy, work and internships now have you going mad, and don’t even get me started on what being back home with families are possibly doing to your sanity.


As Chris Martin of Coldplay sang:

And if we’ve only got this life / In this adventure, oh, then I / Want to share it with you

-“Adventure of a Lifetime”

And…We want to share with you our music to help you get on your adventure! So, here it is! Listen Now!

Like always, be sure to follow our Spotify account for more weekly playlists this summer and to refresh your music library– Ciao!


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