Bieber Keeps Us “Company” With New Music Video

Yesterday, June 8th, Justin Bieber released the music video to one of his top singles off his Purpose album, “Company.”

The broken-hearted 22-year old gathered together episodes and fragments of his recording and touring experiences to put together this simple and humbling video of Bieber’s life in this album to accompany with a song that demonstrates just as much humility in its lyrics.

Complex Magazine

In a recent cover story interview with Complex, Bieber said:

That’s what I wanna get out to the world more. I’m tired of putting on a mask and a show for these people. I’m just gonna be myself and if they don’t like it, they don’t like it. I move on.

He states that he wants people to change their perceptions of the young boy that once was. The boy who did foolish things, lost a monkey, got sent to jail, pissed in a bucket all for publicity and  fell in love too soon. He wants to be appreciated for his music and the effort he puts into it. People such as Skrillex and other artists whom he has worked with have said that Bieber’s hyper-competitiveness is an achilles heel to his personality– one side we never really get to see. So is he ever real?

Snippets of concerts, friends, press, recording studios, smiles, kids, travels, adventures, goof offs, Bieber’s face, tattoos, bleach blondeness, and Calvin Kleins — the video has all the components that construct what is the Bieber icon.

Nonetheless, with a solid effort and a shot at redemption, this video exposes a more authentic, down-to-Earth side to the Biebs. One where he’s really acting his age, enjoying his time, learning, growing, and appreciating the people that surrounded him. In the song itself, Bieber just asks for a companion to share the moments with:

It ain’t about the complications
I’m all about the elevation
We can keep it goin’ up
Oh, don’t miss out on us
Just wanna have a conversation
Forget about the obligations…

So, is Bieber really taking a stance? Is he letting his fans in, keeping them company as he goes on this journey to find himself? Is he making a change of mind or a change of heart?

In other recent related news, Bieber had dropped a little musical surprise for his fans that demonstrates a change of sound. He remixed a cover for Drake’s “One Dance.” This remix was shockingly well executed and you can actually experience a new tone to the Canadian’s vocals– deeper, stronger, and possibly more mature.

Check out the new video for “Company” and let us know what you think of it!


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