Kids Vibing to Chance the Rapper Music Is True Love

When Chance the Rapper’s Coloring Book was released last month, all anyone could say was how incredibly beautiful, soulful, upbeat, and spiritually positive, the infectious album is.


The music of Chance the Rapper has had its recognition over the course of the years, but this time, it has been given much more of that spotlight. Chance has been smart enough to include not only his fellow adults into his world, but also the likes of the youth. The album has been a huge success commercially, becoming the first streaming-exclusive record to rank in the top 10 of the Billboard 200. This is such a huge hallmark for both the Hip-hop realm and the Chicago-born rapper himself. The album struck a chord in the hearts of many because of its nostalgic aura.

The 23-year old artist has catered his music to a large variety of audience members, and yes, that even includes children.

Chano, they all love you, no doubt about that, but you got the kids vibing out to the sounds of Coloring Book like no other album does.

Mashable recently reported how Twitter has been blowing up with what might be the most adorable videos ever known to man! These are little kids under the age of 10, vibing, singing, dancing, and feeling the feels to Chance’s Coloring Book. Some of these kids are still in diapers! But this really gives me hope that this generation will have great taste in music and a whole lot of love and peace. The cutest part is that you can even tell which munchkins enjoy the mellow, laid back tunes of Chance or the fast-tempoed, more kickin’ with it songs. The kiddos show true love for the music like the OG Chance fans that they are.

So, enough talk! Here is your daily dose of pure joy and delight watching these little ones rock out to some pretty great music.

Caution: Prepare yourself, because you may find yourself shrieking and/or crying out of the utter, incomprehensible cuteness of these videos.


Hope you’re still ok after all of that. So precious!



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