5 Ways to Cope With the Death of a Beloved Celebrity

From Prince to The Greatest.


Recently, the deaths of extremely renowned and adored celebrities have had a profound impact on many. So, we came up with a few ways you can try to deal with the pain and emptiness in your heart of these once-so-brightly-shining stars.

Great names like Muhammad AliDavid BowieKimbo SlicePrinceZaha Hadid, and Natalie Cole were all taken from us, and we deserve the chance to mourn for our losses! HOWEVER, this does not also allow you to mope forever in this eternal limbo of misery because they would want you to move on! Come on now. Think about it, it could be purple rain or purple tears, what’s the difference? The music will still be legendary and priceless, and it can still be shared and glorified. It may sting like a bee right now, but you have to float like a butterfly and think about the message this superstar was trying to get across- the master strategist that he was and the physical icon he became. Some may have thought that 2016 was an unlucky year for the world of celebrities. And yet, fret not, because  these amazing faces in history will not (and probably will never) be forgotten! So, let’s help get you on the better side of things.

Here are 5 Ways to Cope with the Death of a Beloved Celebrity:


1. Drown yourself in the overall adoration and devotion that you have for that person.

There’s a famous psychology method called “Flooding,” in which you completely immerse and expose yourself to the very person or thing that is causing you pain. You overwhelm yourself so much with that thought in your head, to the point that you then begin to feel less pain, less fearful, less heartbroken by the thought and appearance. Just think about it, you hate the feeling so much that when you are given too much of it, it boomerangs and you start to like it! Why not? It’s worthy a try. So, pull out those Prince and Bowie Vinyls and listen away, search up those Ali boxing clips and get back in the ring with him cheering him on, visit the fantastic buildings of Hadid and relive her wonderlands of architecture!


2. Share his or her legacy with the youth of the generation.

What truly sucks about the death of a star? The younger generation will never get to hear or experience his or her profound impact on society! Don’t let that happen! Sit them down and tell them all of the stories about growing up with these celebs, show them the music and the fights and the charisma and personalities, so that they can not only gawk at the unparalleled talent  and marvelousness of these individuals, but they can also appreciate the history.


3. Throw a Tribute party in his or her honor.

Throw a party? Well, if you say so. Of course we say so. Instead of shriveling up in a pile of tissues, rejoice for the contributions these artists, musicians, sportsman, and innovators made and what they had accomplished! Have a Harry Potter movie marathon to see Alan Rickman in all of his dark black robe and black hair glory as Severus Snape. Have a classy get together with friends and serve beverages and food while you all enjoy the sounds of Cole and her 70’s rage. And of course, why not watch Bowie in movies like The Labryinth and dance to his music like … hmm.. “Let’s Dance“? You get my point. Have fun and pay homage to these incredible figures.


4. Think about the high level of respect you have for that celeb. Think about the force they were.

You obviously had a lot of respect for whomever it is that you are bawling over, and with this tip, I’m allowing you to be a little more solemn. Close your eyes and think about the incomparable power they demonstrated whether it was through physicality, mentality, or creativity. Think about how they brought a new definition to their domain and the amount of respect they deserve for what they have done. And to go off of this, the last point is to then think about…


5. If they inspired you in some way, and if yes, then live by their word.

Now, not all celebrities have a famous line like Ali or a famous song like Prince. But they all in some way, influenced the people around them. Fans, non-fans, listeners, observers, children, men, women, etc. Everyone was impacted by these celebrities who brought something fresh to their field. I can only think that the best way to show your love and be content in the aftermath of their deaths, is by living out what it was that made you love them in the first place. Was it the music? Did it make you want to pursue music too? Was it confidence? Did they make you want to be strong and sure of yourself to push further? Or was it fascination? Did they add some kind of magic to your life that would make you want to do the same for others? No matter what that little muse may be, it’s not something that goes away with the death; no, their spirit lives on in those who admired them.

Of course, we feel for your loss. Death is no kind friend. But know that whoever you are missing, he or she will be remembered not as they were in their last few breaths of air, but as they were before, when they were very much alive and bringing life.


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