A$AP Ferg Joins X Ambassadors in a New Verse On “Low Life”

All you low lives out there, this song is for you. X Ambassadors team up with A$AP Ferg for a new verse on their track “Low Life,” to create a show-stopper.

Once again, rock meets rap, and it’s the perfect marriage of genres- a very difficult feat to accomplish.

I won’t lie, it was extremely strange hearing the American rock-band lead singer, Sam Harris, announce and introduce the Hip-hop artist’s name. Rap & rock collaborations are never easy to pull off and so excuse the crowd if we were all doubtful of this partnership at first.

Many were unsure of the collaboration, but when A$AP Ferg jumped on stage with X Ambassadors during their recent performance at Terminal 5 in NYC (shown in the video above), thoughts of skepticism were diminished.


Ferg’s delivery was somewhat flawless in the way it moved along with the song and met with the simplistic guitar riffs at every note and with the drums at every beat. His new album, Always Strive And Prosper, proves to fans and listeners how he is becoming a more consistent and versatile artist in the music industry.

The heavy-hitting Harlem rapper killed his verse in the hit single of 2015 for the X Ambassadors, as he brought the modern rock anthem back to its former place in peoples’ hearts and minds. He was able to make the low-life seem a little less daunting and a little more bold and charismatic.

Sam Harris sings with intense emotion:

“Thinking ’bout my own life
I’m trying to fight the good old fight
But after it all, I’m still just a low life”

Followed by Jamie N Commons piece:

“Wanna be a better man, but it’s a hard life
Without that love inside you, it’s a cold bind”

And then Ferg’s segment:

“A low life was my uncle when he hit that crystal
That glass pipe and that rock had him toting pistols
He was higher than a missile with a dozen issues
And every time he cried, he never reached for tissue”


The song is so raw and evoking by itself, but with the additions, the track is a little more grimy, rough, and bad-ass.

There is a studio version of this unlikely but strikingly impactful collab, which also features Jamie N Commons, on the new album VHS 2.0.

You can now stream the song below, for your own listening pleasure.



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