Chance the Rapper Admits He Made a Mistake On His Album ‘Coloring Book’

To Chance The Rapper, there seems to be only one major mistake in the construction of his latest album ‘Coloring Book’, and it has been badgering him a lot.

We can all agree on the fact that Chance The Rapper’s recent album release Coloring Book is notably one of the most innovative rap records of 2016.

Yet, even with all of the hype, love and acclaim, even the Chicago-rapper is having some post-release regrets and second-thoughts.

Taking to Twitter, Chance revealed his “biggest mistake” to fans so to talk it out what’s been on his mind bothering him about his composition:

It seems the fact that he did not include the track version of “Same Drugs” that originally featured Regina Spektor really got to him. Think he would be willing to leak this version soon? Nonetheless, the full-length was extremely well-received and listeners all around seemed to not mind the “Same Drugs” single they were given. So to hold you until he does decide to share his “better” track sample, here is the album cut’s for your enjoyment:

Coloring Book was released on May 12th, and it had a barrage of guest features and collaborations on it, with such superstar artists as, Kanye West to Lil Wayne.  Chance now admits that the Spektor, the cool, falsetto, New York singer-songwriter was meant to be a vocal appearance on the song “Same Drugs,” but because of certain technical decisions, was omitted from the project as a whole.

So, Chance decided to get the guilt off his chest after having listened to some old demos from the making of Coloring Book.

Sweetly though, Spektor responded to Chance’s tweet later that night on Twitter with a series of loving and forgiving emojis:

Maybe, just maybe, Chance could learn a thing or two from the West and change the track on his album like Mr. West, Mr. Fresh did with The Life of Pablo. No harm done.


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