DJ Snake Releases New Trop-House Banger “Talk”

DJ Snake is slithering his way back into our hearts for the summer as he has begun to put out some of the perfect Trop-house/EDM tracks.

Somehow, I find that this producer always knows how to match vocals just right for the music. The cohesiveness is impeccable how pitch, tone, rhythm, and vibe all go hand-in-hand when he writes a new song.

This new single “Talk” features the beats of DJ Snake and the vocals of George Maple, and together they create the ultimate beach party song. Heavy beats, light, breathy vocals, short syllabled sentences, and then of course the riser and drops. It makes you actually feel like someone is talking to you back and forth, and the conversation is just exhausting that all you want is to stop and fall in love.

DJ Snake has been making some major hits in the industry this past year or so, especially when his single “Middle” landed a seat in the Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Songs Top 10. This French DJ, record producer, and rapper mixes hip hop and EDM together all the time, but with this new release, he’s bringing it on with the trop-house. The track is well-received by listeners who say that the song is a refreshing change from the typical rave-like, head crashing songs he usually creates in the clubs and concerts. They appreciate the low-key banger as it is and enjoy how it draws them in and perks them up.

This recent release is a great summer tune that gets you wanting to just get off your chair and start randomly dancing wherever you are, as if you are in a movie montage.The feature blends perfectly into the sound, as Maple pleads that all she wanted was to  talk, but now all she wants is your love. Maple has collaborated on many other tracks from other great artists, such as Flume’s “Bring You Down,” and What So Not’s “Gemini,” and many more. She has her own EP, so be sure to check out her work as well!:

Let us know what you think of “Talk” and if you’d want us to to add it to our playlists! 😉


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