Donald Trump Hysterically Raps Mac Miller’s “Donald Trump”

Donald Trump is getting down, and is going to make America great again…maybe…not really.

It maybe the election hype, but Trump recently dropped his own little music video rapping Mac Miller’s “Donald Trump” song that has people completely confused, astonished and amused. Can’t lie, it’s an extremely hilarious video of Trump with the natural duck face he has spitting bars of a song that was written about him.

Mac Miller became a hit in 2011 with this mouthing-off banger, to which the rich-mogul had originally sued the rapper for royalties.  But this time around, Miller revamps the song and takes it to a new level when he decides to recreate the track to look like the business man is making fun of himself.

Rolling Stone notes that Mac Miller and Donald Trump haven’t always seen eye to eye, but it may be considered destiny that they should meet because of their relationship to this song.

Billboard recalled that back then, Trump went from endorsing the song, calling Miller “the new Eminem,” to bashing on it and demanding royalties while calling Miller an “ungrateful dog.”

Recently, Miller came right out to the public to announce that Trump is a “troll,” a “clown,” and a”racist fuckwad of a human.”

This is all a long way of pointing out that Trump probably loves this track, but can’t admit that right this minute. But we all know Trump is actually using this track to hype himself up before the election.

Rostrum Records released Miller’s Best Day Ever mixtape featuring this song that helped launch his career. Celebrating the re-release of its fifth anniversary edition of Best Day Ever, the label dropped this video, that strings together a mix of various speeches, debates and other TV appearances Trump has given.

Here’s the original, in case you haven’t heard it before. Which version do you like better?


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