G-Eazy Recruits Jeremih for Their ‘Ghostbusters’ Track, “Saw It Coming”

For the forthcoming ‘Ghostbusters’ remake.


G-Eazy and Jeremih are answering the call! They’re collaborating to set up a high standard for the movie soundtrack that is going to feature a lot of big names in the music scene now, such as Fall Out Boy and Missy Elliott.

In this spooky interpretation, you’ll notice the respective music styles of these artists that contrast in sound as G-Eazy provides the bars and hit and Jeremih brings the smooth and sexy.

This brand new collab will bring a lot of publicity to the soundtrack that is going to feature a lot of big names from the music scene now.

The song itself sounds like the typical G-Eazy rant and shout that got him his place in the industry in the first place, but imagine it frosted just right by the vocals of Jeremih.

I think the single has got an interesting, dyanmic personality about it where the static, robotic vocals layered over each other and the chorus being the same haunted minor progression that is typical of any Halloween-themed tune fits. However, this modern take on an 80’s sound also doesn’t seem to really work, as well as, I think they had planned it to be. There’s something a little messy about it, or maybe a little childish. Maybe it’s really meant to be perceived as a parody of the past, and meant to be fun and light hearted with that Hip-hop rage?

In other related news, Nas has also teamed up with FILA for an entire “Ghostbusters” clothing collection! This will include various designs of  sneakers.

The all-female cast of Ghostbusters is fast approaching and musicians are pairing up to make it a hit! G-Eazy and Jeremih try to bring you back to the ’80’s with an extra added beat or two and a longer, gritty guitar solo. Think you “Saw It Coming”?  Can you dig it?

You can listen to it here now!


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