Insane Video of Justin Bieber Fighting a Huge Dude After NBA Finals


Justin Bieber thought he could take on a dude that was way bigger than he was after the NBA Finals.

TMZ recently showed Justin Bieber ending up in a fight with an unnamed individual on Wednesday night when in Cleveland.

It apparently started just after 11 p.m. outside of a hotel where Bieber decided to throw a sucker punch but instead took a beating straight to the head. He attempted to retaliate, but all that did was create a full blown-out brawl.

The breakout was videoed and shared all over media. Shortly after, a video of Bieber’s mentor and close friend Floyd Mayweather aired in which the boxer explains that he doesn’t truly know about the fight, but he does know that his friend “showed heart.”

Mayweather continues to go on about Bieber:

“He’s ready. At the end of the day, people will say what they want to say. Justin Bieber ain’t no bitch. He showed he got heart. He showed he ain’t no bitch, so it’s all respect.

In a recent update: The whole event has been resolved over Facebook: it was all over asking for an autograph. Bieber later reported back to his fans via Instagram to write that there wasn’t a scratch on him after the fight.

Way back in 2014, Bieber was reported getting caught up in a similarly strange and unprecedented dispute with actor Orlando Bloom at a restaurant in Ibiza.

Bystanders tried to help him out and pull him away, but alas, that failed.

It’s still really unclear what started the brawl. All that’s known is that Bieber was in town for the 3rd game of the NBA Finals. He was wearing a Cavaliers tshirt so maybe it was trash-talk? Or maybe it was too much pressure from surrounding people asking for photos and signatures, which people know is one of Bieber’s pet peeves.

Well, looks like that’s that. Biebs wanted to end the game with the best shot, let’s just say he may have missed it.


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