Jon Bellion Drops Album ‘The Human Condition’

Jon Bellion released his much anticipated album, The Human Condition!

Try to contain yourself now, but it has finally come! There has been much excitement and hype behind this release, and let it be known that this album does not fall short of its expectations.

The debut album The Human Condition from Jon Bellion is everything we wanted and more. It speaks to his ability to fabricate melodies out of sounds, and to sonically paint a picture in our minds that relate to our every day lives.

He has also been extremely unique in the way he approached the promotion of his album in no way I have ever seen done before (since probably the days of Gorillaz- RIP). He has stunning illustrations to accompany each song and in each image, there is a new story to be told. He let his fans in on an adventure of his imagination, the thoughts in his head, the dreams in his mind. I find this to be a spectacular way of driving interest and curiosity to the already enigmatic man himself. JON BELLION, who are you?


My debut album #TheHumanCondition is out now! Link in my bio!

A photo posted by Beautiful Mind (@jonbellion) on Jun 9, 2016 at 9:48pm PDT

The artist has been nothing more than appreciative of and enthusiastic for his fans reactions who have been raving way before the album even dropped.

Where you may have thought something so quirky would be distasteful, it actually comes off badass. He raps, he sings, he writes and produces. He does it all. He uses exhaling sighs, mechanical ticks, robotic broken records, and galactic autotunes to construct a record that is other worldly. Extraordinary.

In each song, he’s performing a one man show that blows listeners’ minds! I can not conceal the fact, that I too, was on the edge of my seat for the release date and had my Spotify account open, locked, loaded, and readied to press play!

The Human Condition means a lot to him– it’s a milestone. And most importantly, it’s personal because the whole album is about his humble beginnings and how, through all that he has gone through to the couple million that may be sitting in his bank now (shh), he has been able to stay grounded and remain the same man as always. To put it simply, “He Is The Same.”

Track 12 ” i-robot “

A photo posted by Beautiful Mind (@jonbellion) on Jun 8, 2016 at 6:27pm PDT

This Visionary Music Group artist has been recognized as the ghost writer and mastermind behind numerous records, most notably the hook on Eminem & Rihanna’s Grammy-winning “The Monster.”

If you wanted to pin a genre to his music, you really can’t. It’s a unique concoction of hip hop, pop, and R&B and a production style that some have described as “Disney meets Dilla.”

Now to the actual music on the album. To harp on a  few tracks off the album, each one has a really distinct sound that builds up for the next one, and once again, is part of a story. I think the most fascinating aspect about Bellion’s music is that it utilizes so many different tones and sounds and it seems like all of those random noises fading in and out are just swiftly coming out of nowhere to impact your ears in the best way possible. It’s episodic the way we go from the 80’s, to New York, to thinking of fashion, then robots, then feelings… and then guillotines? It seems comical, but it’s refreshing in its sound and display. He juggles a lot in one 14-track composition. It should also be noted that he sings in a staccato-style for most of his songs if you listen carefully, a music method of time and rhythm that I feel like you don’t here a lot of. His vocals remind me of a more matured version of Never Shout Never, but the versatility in the voice is what really catches the ear to desire more.

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 1.54.41 PM.png

In “He Is the Same,” you feel like you’re following him into a revolution, the journey we are about to embark on and how none of this has changed him.

“All Time Low” takes you straight to the heartache.

“New York Soul – Pt. ii” really does remind me of the streets of NYC, the old school rap delivery, the grunts and “hehs;” it’s got soul.

And so on we ride up and down the roller coaster of artistic expression, sometimes you’ll hear beeps and bops, sometimes operatic echoes, sometimes Barber shop choirs, sometimes drum beats running wild, sometimes guitar picks and violins, random kids’  voices, etc. You get the point. He’s eclectic  all over, but everywhere you want him to be.

The Human Condition’s lead single “Guillotine” was well-received by listeners. In general, the 14-track, self-produced album is a masterpiece.

This artist is promising and gives me hope for the future of music– that there are individuals out there who can experiment with music and make it sound good!

Listen to the whole album here now!



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