Lil Dicky Attends His Ex-Lover’s Wedding in Video For “Molly”


Lil Dicky is back to support his debut album, Professional Rapper with the official video for “Molly”.

Lil Dicky takes to slowing down the tempo a little bit for us in order to create what he calls “the softest thing (he has) ever done.” This ‘Save Dat Money’ rapper also really attends his ex-girlfriend’s wedding and watches her get married for his new music video for the single that features singer Brendon Urie, of Panic! at the Disco, and is the the most recent single on Dicky’s latest LP.


In the entirety of the composition, Lil Dicky goes on about how his career has always been the leading problem to all of his past relationships, keeping him occupied constantly. Don’t get him wrong, LD doesn’t regret any of it. He chose his music dreams for a reason and good for him! Relationships came second. But it was a decision over his ex and other personal relationships in his life, and so, though this record, Dicky wanted to let his fans know that it wasn’t an easy choice and that you really have to be sure that you are making the right decision. What I really like about this is that Lil Dicky opens up to his listeners and shares a real message to everyone and that there is a lot more to this artist than just the surface-level rapper we usually see. It also introduces a new perspective and meaning to the track itself, “Molly.”

With respect to Brendon Urie, he is shown in the video as the wedding singer and the man who carries the chorus. He serenades Dicky, who is obviously at his ex’s wedding, disheartened and nostalgic, thinking about the past and its good old days, wishing to forget and reforget with the help of his little friend, gin.

Be sure to let us know what you think of the music video and also catch your own copy of Lil Dicky’s Professional Rapper!

Side Note: Check out this video of LD joking with NFL superstar players about Rob Gronkowski’s Madden ’17 cover. LOL.


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