Logic Stunts New Single “Flexicution”


“Check the Forbes list, you know I’m balling now.” ~Logic, “Flexicution”

For more than two months, fans have been teased by Hip-hop artist, Logic, and his snapchats and tweets, hinting towards a new single release titled “Flexicution.” Fans were quite literally begging for him to drop the track, and to stop all of the mind games. The Maryland rapper had built such hype for the song that the general audience created its own hashtag trend, #DropFlexicution, in order to influence their rap-god. All that really did, though, was inspire a lot of memes.

Nevertheless, earlier this Tuesday morning, he finally blessed listeners with this gift. The gift may be an aggressive one, but it was extremely well-received by his fans. The track was produced by Logic’s frequent collaborator, Arjun “6ix” Ivatury. You can listen to the track in the video above.

With many thank you’s and a lot of excitement, Young Sinatra shared this masterpiece with the public.

Sir Logic is no doubt balling out as he finally flexes the highly anticipated and extremely impressive track.

This bouncy, heavy beater track gets you ready to run the streets, as the music paves the way for a perfect Hip-hop composition to rapped over. The snares and beats lead the instrumental as Logic’s fast-paced rhymes shoot out like rapid fire, especially in the second verse! The little whine at the climax of the word “flexicution” only adds to the emphasis of the word. Not many rappers can pull off quick-spoken spits like that, but much like Eminem, Logic goes at it with determination and power. It’s mind blowing how fast this Visionary Music Group and Def Jam artist can go at them words and make this track hard as hell.

At the end of the track, there are angelic vocals serving as the bridge and the ending verse to smooth out  the edginess. Logic manically speeches his rhymes, getting a few thoughts off his chest, fighting his heart out, and flexing out on the competition with “Flexicution.”


His most recent album, The Incredible True Story, was released last November. He has recently been reported to have told Rolling Stone magazine that he is working on two new albums simultaneously! So, I guess we better be expecting a little more tease from the rapper in the coming months. In other news, Logic will be joining G-Eazy and Yo Gotti on tour this summer, so be sure to grab your tickets!


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