Playlist: Hello, It’s Me, Love

Hi, again, Love. It’s me.


Here’s another playlist for your enjoyment this week with a slew of new voices, some obscure and unknown, and some known better than they know themselves. No matter how well known you are, no matter who you are and what you do, this is a playlist about the self. This is a playlist for all of you, loves. This is a playlist about love and acceptance of all sorts. In the past few days, there has been a lot of hate, and I think one of the most powerful forms of medicine for that is music and art.

Christina Grimmie’s death, the Orland shootings, fear and hunger and pain and strife overseas. There is so much in this world that needs fixing and we have been singing our hearts out about it hoping that one day it will change. For every step we take forward, we take a step back, and every time we do, we should never stop trying to take that next step forward again.

Whether you are man, woman, child, adult, black, white, short, tall, artsy, scientific, and more… what does it matter? We all listen to the same tunes, all feel the feeling of loving something in our lives, and to me and to many, that’s the most beautiful gift of all. To feel love. To know oneself and love oneself for whom he or she is and to love another for the exact same reason.

Music is the same. It’s free flowing – it is the freedom of expression. It is the voice with emotion in the form of many genres. All sound different and all have their own personality and effect on people. That is what makes it unique. It is free for anyone to listen to and it is appreciated by all. Let’s stop the hate and appreciate.


And here is an exclusive song, or bonus track if you will, that I thought was very fitting for the playlist and the unfortunate events that occurred this weekend, an artist who knows the meaning of Love– “Eyes Like Sky” by Frank Ocean:

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Peace and love! ✌❤️


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