ScHoolboy Q Reveals New Album Title & Cover Art

At the end of last month, Hip-hop artist, ScHoolboy Q, revealed not only the release date to his much anticipated studio album, but he also exposed the project’s cover art!

Now he’s got the crowd both hyped and flustered by the creativity and ridiculousness of the album artwork. There have been lots of jokes made; nevertheless, all comments are positive and more than excited for the bad-boy mogul to share more music.

He also recently dropped a video for his recent feature on Kanye West’s single “THat Part.” The TDE rapper revealed his next project’s title and cover with a simple tweet of the date “JULY 8tH” and the image attached:


So, there you have it; the Blank Face LP will be available on July 8th!

L.A.’s Puffy comically uses the notorious Jordan Crying Face meme based off of Michael Jordan’s 2009 acceptance speech, at the Basketball Hall of Fame, but this time, with no face? Or um, emotion? What does this mean, ScHoolboy?

Twitter quickly imploded with fans tweets on the reveal. You can see some examples of these tweets that were posted below!

So,  Michael Jordan is now an album cover, whether he wanted that to be the case or not. No royalties, though. Sorry, Magic.

This album will serve as the follow-up to ScHoolboy’s previous 2014 album Oxymoron.

Watch out because ScHoolboy is totally going for world meme domination with this album cover.

So, what seemingly great tracks will the American Hip-hop artist have in store for us now? It may seem a long way away, but July 8th is just around the corner and fans will be tentatively waiting for the drop. Let us know what you think the album will be like and what you think of the cover title and album art!


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