Big Sean is Helping Fight Against College Homelessness

Big Sean is aiding his hometown in the fight against college homelessness.

It has already been well known that the United States has one of the most expense educational programs in the world. Big Sean realized this and decided it was time to take a step back into his hometown of Detroit to see how it was impacted by this dilemma. To his disappointment, Detroit was extremely in need of help, as college students were willing to give up their livelihood just to have the chance to sit in a class and learn something. Just a few days ago, the G.O.O.D. Music label rapper donated $25,000 to Wayne State University to establish an endowment for their program known as HIGH (Helping Individuals Go Higher) Program.

What is this program? Well, the HIGH Program is basically a program constructed to aid “financially stressed students at Wayne State University reach their goal to graduate.”

Big Sean
Sean Anderson at Wayne State University

Through funding, it provides various resources for students to restructure their lives again, including housing support, textbooks, school supplies, clothing, transportation and child-care assistance. The  donation that Big Sean gave will be specifically sent to help the students of the program that are homeless, as there are many in need.

Myra Anderson, the president of the foundation and also Big Sean’s mother (Sean Anderson, ring a bell?), told the Daily Detroit that “We see the HIGH Program as an important component of ensuring success at Wayne State, and we are proud to help strengthen its mission…We aim to boost graduation rates at the university by providing support to students facing hardship.” Powerful words from Big Mama Anderson.

A wonderful act of kindness has begun to make a huge influence on these kids’ lives and Big Sean joins the roster of rappers who are stepping up and speaking out to solve world issues today. Similarly, Big Sean has also created the #HealFlintsKids fundraiser, which was an organization created to raise money for those impacted by the water crisis in Flint, Michigan. They were able to raise $50,000 thus far.


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