Disclosure Shares Three New Songs From Their New EP

Disclosure had plans to drop a new EP with three new songs, which they did at midnight on June 15th, like a BOSS.


The project is entitled Moog For Love, and we were given the chance to hear just a taste of what the EP will sound like. The three songs, that were gifted to us so generously by the dance-track duo, have their own personality to them. One song is a title track “Moog For Love,” another is an Al Green collaboration known as a “Feel Like I Do” and the other is “BOSS.” The aforesaid Al Green collab was premiered on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 program and “Boss” was performed during a weekend set at England’s Wild Life Festival.

The notorious blank, outlined faces did not take make the cut for their album artwork, which instead they replaced with a soundboard and synthesizer. Setting the moog, boys? In this EP, they covered all there is to get a little funk in a dance track, mixing pop, funk, EDM, and a little Al Green soul.

The track list starts with “BOSS,” which is an upbeat, rhythmic tune with a little bit of hypno-pop. You can imagine this song being played somewhere in a lounge or any space meant to vibe to. Next is “Feel Like I Do,” which is where our buddy Al Green comes in with his legendary vocals that marked the 70’s. Disclosure puts the old with the new in this track as they sample pieces from “I’m Still In Love With You” to blanket over the beeps and bops of their production. You feel like you’re in a Jazz Club, with puffs of smoke encircling your face as you sip wine. Lastly, the final track “Moog For Love,” mixes the natural sounds of the tropics and earth, while also combining the harps of computerized bells and whistles. It has that R&B voice singing in warped, auto-tuned and reverb-ed progression, but its also got that catchy trance sound to chill out to.

Personally, I wouldn’t be listening to these tracks by choice, but if they were set as the backdrop to an evening setting, I could definitely hang and enjoy my surroundings and the sound. Disclosure has been known for their versatility in the EDM field, and here is just another experiment to demonstrate that. This optimistic garage track featuring British producer Eats Everything is just a change of pace and style from the Caracal aesthetic we are used to, but takes you back to the old Disclosure that was first established on Settle.

Besides the new release, Disclosure also announced that they will be enlisting Anderson .Paak and Mobb Deep to perform a set togeter during the New York edition of their Wild Life festival event.

You can listen to the recent EP release here; right now, right here, GO!:



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