Donald Glover Joins the Cast of ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’

Yes yes, everyone’s favorite insect superhero is back again for his homecoming, and to join the cast, Sony Pictures and Marvel Studios presents to you Donald Glover.

Spider-Man fans near and far are excited to hear of the reboot of a superhero classic in 2017. The film is set to star Tom Holland as Spidey, Michael Keaton as an unidentified villian, Zendaya as the female lead and Marisa Tomei as Aunt May. You can already tell it will be youthful cast. Robert Downey Jr. will of course play the one role he was mean’t to play, Tony Stark/Iron Man. With a star-studded cast, it should be an interesting new take on the story. For Glover, this isn’t his first encounter with the renown Spidey tale. He also is known for being the voice of Miles Morales in the animated television cartoon version of Ultimate Spider-Man. In addition to preparation for this film, he is also a legendary singer as well as gathering himself for the premiere of his ow FX series, Atlanta, this September.

Watch a preview of the trailer to Atlanta here:

So, it looks like the fans did it again, influencing the media world and how it approaches the creative decision-making. Their full-proof trend they began #Donald4SpiderMan finally paid off!


Glover told USA Today that his age would most likely be the one downfall to his ability to get roll as Spidey.  “If I was playing a high schooler, a lot of things would have been wrong,” Glover said. Soon after, there was a report that confirmed that Holland has received the role.

Now, this former Community star has decided to take a step back from the music world for a little bit and to jump back into the rhythm of acting, starting with the Derrick Comedy original Mystery Team in 2009 and working his way into films such as The Muppets, The Lazarus Effect,Magic Mike XXL, and the 2015 Golden Globe-winning The Martian.

The film is set to release its web, coming out in theaters July 7th, 2017, so get yourselves ready for a Spidey adventure soon.


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