Maggie Rogers Perfects Her Highly Anticipated Dance-Folk Single “Alaska”

Maggie Rogers is an NYU student with a lot of talent, a lot of heart, and an infectious sound. Finally, her track “Alaska” that blew thousands of minds away, is available fully mixed and mastered.

The track was written, sung, and co-produced by Maggie Rogers herself, an impressive success by an individual so young. The song starts with an upbeat, twinkling rhythm, only to prepare you for what is to be the most strikingly beautiful vocals to ever layer over an EDM instrumental. The beat is kept up with the sounds of drums and then bridged by a sweet little xylophone riff in the back and you can just tell from those first few seconds that the music comes naturally to her.

It’s sweet with the caressing edge of the folk-singer that she is, hiking on mystic trails of beaten paths. In the composition, you can almost feel roots of folkloric tunes seep into the synths and technically constructed melodies, creeping chills up your spine in the best way possible. With every verse, it’s like another fresh breeze of air hitting your face and releasing your mind as you dance in between trees with sunlight seeping between the branches to find something secretive hidden somewhere within the space of nature and sound waves.

“oh me oh my I thought it was a dream…”

Rogers sings this and she couldn’t be more correct in her words. Her music is dream-like and innocently seductive. It is hypnotic and contagious, having you replay the track over and over again without even noticing that it’s been on repeat for the past hour. It is as if you are in a hallucinogenic trance, an auditory high, that travels you back and forth in time to bring back memories. Feelings of nostalgia, desire, wanderlust overcome you. You enter into a whole new dimension. The stream of voices following the dance music blend organically together to paint the perfect picture both sonically and vividly.

When Rogers hits the chorus and flows into the falsetto, it’s game over. The music carries you away into the mountains, and the piano brushes across your sky. It only makes sense why Pharrell was about to lose himself when he heard this track.

If you recall, Pharrell visited her class at NYU and gave her the appraisal of a lifetime. Though such an incredible accomplishment all of her own, she remains extremely humble which is noble of such a young creative. Many have created folk-dance music before, but there is something so purely natural, authentic, and new to her sound alone. It was both wonderful and comical to watch Pharrell as his facial composure exposed all the emotions of disbelief he was feeling as the layers of the track unfold before him. At one point, he almost looks like he wants to cry and then move out of his chair to dance to the song.

Maggie Rogers grew up in a very rural area and came to NYU to create post-modern music out of banjo and folk music. She stopped composing for a few years though for school, to develop and learn about herself, and to study abroad in France where she had a spiritual experience with dance music that would lead her to where she is now.

“Suddenly this thing that had been the most unnatural, the most artificial, I understood the release of it, and the sort of, since there was a fire, people were beating sticks together. And suddenly it became the most natural thing, so I just started making music again a couple months ago, and I like, can’t make enough, and all I want to do is combine that folk imagery and harmony and natural samples that I’ve been picking up while hiking over the last couple years with this sort of backbone and energy of dance music.”

So eloquently spoken, Maggie Rogers demonstrated the maturity and passion behind what it took to reform this rare crystallized Alaskan glacier that is Rogers’ music. During the listening session, Pharrell looked as if was about to explode from pride and astonishment at the young collegiate woman sitting next to him who fabricated something all her own over nothing but thin air. These are absolutely no form of mediocre vibes. You can watch the video here.

Album artwork by Maggie Rogers

The album artwork for the piece was taken on an actual trip the student artist took to Alaska.

In an interview with Pigeons and Planes, Roggers says, “when I had been hiking in summers after Alaska, I had been creating a natural sample bank of birds, noises. A good chunk of the rhythm in the song started from me just patting a rhythm on my jeans. That sample is the main rhythm. Me snapping in a room. I wanted to make dance music, or pop music, feel as human as possible.”

We’re looking forward to what this aspiring starlet will have to share with everyone as she develops and creates more of her music to vibe to. Be sure to listen to her song below and prepare for yourself for the ultimate adventure of serenity.



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