A New Gorillaz Album Will Drop in 2017

It’s time to Feel Good again, because Gorillaz will be back soon with what will be their fifth full-length studio release!

Since 2015, frontman, Damon Albarn has been hinting towards a new project to release in 2017. The English duo, Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett, who created the notorious animated fantastic four animated band members, are plotting to create more of their eclectic and riveting music that embodies and draws upon genres from alternative rock, trip hop, alternative hip hop, and electronica.

The virtual band consists of: 2D, Murdoc Niccals, Noodle and Russel Hobbs.

We all remember when their 2005 album, Demon Days, made waves on the charts. Who can’t remember the evil laughs, the rhythmic beats, the rock guitar riffs, the robotic and angelic vocals, banger rap verses, and the cartoon music videos. We’ve missed them. Where have you guys been all this time?


When Hewlett ran into a fan on the street and gave an update on the album, an  Instagram post was made by @gorillaz.northamerica reporting that the artist said that the music “can’t be rushed,” and that the upcoming project is “special, really fuckin special.” Well, we’ve been waiting this long, so we should hope that’s the case.

We’ve had glimpses into the worlds of Gorillaz as they work in the studio on some new material, but this was a more reassuring sign that we would be receiving something tangible from them in the next year.


Albarn, himself had admitted to the world that he was in the early days of experimentation with their music. This brings up speculation that we might be expecting to hear a new sound from the band, but that’s not news to us, since they’ve always been an extremely dynamic and innovative group.

So far we’ve been given snippets of select beats and some lyrics, but that’s enough to keep us settled for now until we really get a release date, and perhaps a sneak-peek single?


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