This Kid Interviewed Kanye West And Caught It All On Snapchat

This kid is an absolute boss, because when he sees celebrity duo Kanye West and Kim Kardashian in Disneyland, he decides to conduct a full-out interview with him via Snapchat. SAVAGE.

The power couple had been spending the day at the amusement park for their daughter North West’s third birthday. That is when the young boy who had also been at the park for the day noticed the Hip-hop star himself and ran over, absolutely stoked to meet him in person!

Here’s a little quick pic of the baby celeb herself being the princess that she is for a day with mommy and daddy: don’t blame the kid, it’s not everyday that you get to meet Mr. West. The guy has become legendary, and quite literally he is a concept or brand to society. You can here people use his name to describe certain situations or things. From music to fashion, sports to art, and everything in between, the man is one of the most influential celebrities in the world at the moment. So, it only makes sense that this kid would be more than ecstatic to run into him.

Like damn! I’d be so excited!

After this random kid spotted West, he quickly whipped out his phone and went up to him to get the whole interaction on Snapchat! Instead of taking a picture, or using a filter, or just saying hi and asking for a shoutout, like most people would do, the kid took full advantage of the moment and began immediately asking interview-like questions! What?! That is amazing. This kid conducted an entire 10 second interview with an actual professional and enticing question! The kid even managed to make Kanye smile- that is high praise.

Just think about it. Instead of just simply saying “hey, Kanye, can I have your autograph?”, the kid went all out, holding an all out Snapchat interview. The spontaneous and impulsive interview began with the kid cutting to the chase, “alright, alright, alright… so, how did you write [the song] I Love Kanye?” Kanye chuckled and went on to explain it. Word, kid! This may have been one of the best few seconds of that kid’s life, and probably the highlight of his day at Disney. Kanye must like this kind of paparazzi better.

You can watch the video below:


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