Lil Wayne Drops New “Skate It Off” Video


Lil Tunechi just dropped a new song and a rad video to accompany it titled “Skate It Off.” Lil Wayne finds his mojo as he raps away into his hypnotic trance of melodies and beats combined with leaned-out background music (produced by Twice As Nice). In the feature, Weezy is at a skate rink, decked out in all camo gear, while an awesome duo of dance professionals take to the ramps to show off some killer moves.

“I just skate it off like Nyjah Huston,” spits the Young Money rapper as he pays tribute to his favorite hobby.

Our whiny-voiced martian rapper is back with a jam worthy track. In the video, it’s probably the most chilled out production we have ever seen the artist take part in. All of the skaters dance and do sweet moves in the skate park while the Lil Wayne hangs out on a ledge, rapping in a mellow tone and then joins the boys later to skate and dance. He’s pretty comical as he looks directly at the camera and acts out as he spits his lines as if conversing with the viewers. Nonetheless,  the video is a little too lax for most, questioning where Lil Wayne is actually going with his music.

In other Weezy news though, it was recently reported that artist suffered from two seizures attacks while traveling on a plane through Nebraska and had to land twice to recover. He was immediately sent to the hospital where it was determined that he had been drinking copious amounts of lean before take off. Despite this accident, that wasn’t going to stop the rapper from continuing to grind in his hip-hop domain.

What do you think of the video? Watch it above! And let’s wish Wayne all the best and a wicked quick recovery. Peace!


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