PARTYNEXTDOOR & Jeremih Announce Collaborative Album

According to Jeremih, who called into Nina Chentele’s Real 92.3 radio show late on Wednesday night, him and PARTYNEXTDOOR are working on a collaborative album that will be titled Late Night Party.

There was no certainty for when the release date will occur, but the Chicago-born native said it himself that the project would be coming “real soon.”

To be exact, he said:

“Can I tell everybody something? For all my fans that’s in L.A. right now that’s listening to [Real] 92.3, new album is coming out with me [and] PARTYNEXTDOOR called Late Night Party…Y’all finna get that real soon and right after that y’all gon’ get the trilogy to Late Nights calledLater That Night…So I can’t wait for you to hear that.”

There he said it! The final piece to his Late Nights trilogy will also be coming in the near future.

Though the artist announced the collab album to-be, fans had already speculated the “Don’t Tell ‘Em” singer and the OVO signee scheming something together, because of a post on Instagram that they posted of them in the studio  two months ago. The caption overtly said, “Me & PND Got Some For Ya.”


In the meantime, PND has been generating a lot of news lately in the relationship area. Him and Kylie Jenner have been trying to keep things quiet but he recently snapchatted the world a video of him serenading the Jenner twin on the piano, cooing, “Kylie, Oh Kylie.”

Regardless, we’re excited that PND and Jeremih decided to team up, and we look forward to hearing what these two will be cooking up for us “real soon.”

How excited are you? Let us know, and listen to the video below to hear how Jeremih made the big reveal on the radio show!


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