Donald Glover aka Gambino Announces New Music And Live Shows

Yes yes, Donald Glover, as in Childish Gambino, has returned!


Last Friday night, Donald Glover took to Twitter to share an important piece of information, with the crowd in the most mysterious and unique types of ways. He posted a link to an unknown app called Pharos. What Gambino? Well, if you downloaded that app, it actually would reveal a countdown timer set in an intergalactic background with a rushing effect to make you sense that you are moving through time! As the timer counted down, it only made sense to make the connection that you were being sent to Earth, and more specifically, Joshua Tree, California. The app then begins to have monk-like voices and claps ominously playing while you explore the app to find out more about this event. You can download the app yourself from the tweet below:

Why, you ask, did he do this? Well this wasn’t just any ol’ timer, this was a timer that was an outlet for Glover to announce that he will be performing NEW music in Joshua Tree on September 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. Fans are promised a “full album experience” and if you buy a $99 ticket, you are told to bring a tent because that is then the best way to take advantage of the on-site camping environment they will be at.

It is safe to say, he already has fans hooked by just the simple intro he displayed through the app, now we want to know what the music is! We also have reason to be so eager because it wasn’t since his 2014 mixtape/EP Kauai that we last heard him. And in 2013, it was his album Because the Internet. So it has been a minute…or more. We want more music!

No one even has a clue as to the sound or approach the 37-year old rapper is hoping is taking. What direction he is going. He always has something innovative and experiential up his sleeve, hence this live experience show at a camp site in Cali.

Pre-sale for what is to be Glover’s own three-day music festival will be available in the app starting June 24th at noon ET / 9 a.m. PT. General on-sale starts June 27th at noon ET / 9 a.m. PT. Here is a screenshot of the app for you to see!



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