Kanye West Helped Make Unsigned Rapper’s First Album

It wasn’t too long ago when Kanye West discovered Big Sean and made him the rap icon that he is today, but now he’s back on the scout and he thinks he found another recruit.

For most unsigned rappers, being found by a famous producer like West is the ultimate #goals. a dream for most unsigned rappers to follow this path to success. Well for artist, Cameron Grey, this was the case for him last year when Grey actually had the boldness of a lion to approach the Chicago-rapper in the parking lot after a Big Sean concert in L.A. (seen in the video above). Security did not even try to stop him when Grey began performing an impromptu audition for Ye, right then and there. Of course, West was so amazed and impressed by the unknown youth that he immediately connected him with his good friend and Grammy-winning producer, Anthony Kilhoffer, for what is Grey’s first full-length album, Cocaine Ferrari. The release date is still uncertain but the first single has been released and it is available for us to listen to now! Check out Grey’s “Never Bout Us” below, and let us know if you think Yeezy made the right move:

He’s a white boy  from Ohio with  a pretty sweet delivery. I will personally say, I did not expect this. I think the mixing and mastering could use a little more work, but the song itself has a pretty great rhythm and vibe and tone. The autotune is a bit too much, but he spits the rap verses very well with control and assertiveness. I could definitely see this man following the footprints of someone like Sammy Adams or Travis $cott. He’s got the feels of the chill every college students tries to be, but the intensity of someone who means what he says and has something to prove. Just the act of walking up to Kanye and street performing is bold and admirable enough! There’s still a lot of room for development of sound and the music itself, but with the guidance of West and Kilhofer, I think the kid is in good hands. Might add a Kardashian by his side to finish of the Kanye look too.

Cameron Grey / Kanye West
Cameron Grey Logo

So, what do you think of the unsigned rapper now signed?


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