Drake 1st Male Artist Since Eminem to Top Albums Chart 7 Weeks Straight

Drizzy takes the gold, and literally wears it too!

Drake has done more in the last several weeks, than he has ever done in his entire musical career! Just Last week alone, Drake’s latest album Views sold  over 121,000 units. Say what?!

Billboard: Drake

That’s right. Billboard had made a report on how Mr. Champagne Papi  has been sitting atop at the NO. 1 spot on the Albums Chart for the seventh week in a row. Hence, this 6 God has become the “first male artist” since Eminem to “sit on top of the charts for 7 straight weeks straight.” Damn son!

Marshall released what was his sophomore LP The Marshall Mathers LP way back when, and that had stayed at No. 1 for eight straight weeks. Drizzy beat Nick Jonas and Hamilton and won 5 awards and 7 nominations at the Canadian Much Music Video Awards! Drake’s music moved 74,000 streaming equivalent units, 21,000 track equivalent albums and 27,000 traditional units.


VIEWS…7 weeks at number one. Gracias por el amor.

A photo posted by champagnepapi (@champagnepapi) on Jun 20, 2016 at 10:36am PDT

The artist was so ecstatic to find out about the news that he posted via Instagram a photo of his gold watch that reads “Now We’re Here -6 God.” Yes, Drake, you started from the bottom, now you’re here, in a very Leo DiCaprio fashion, you made it and won those awards like a champ. Let the haters hate because you sit on top of those charts with your crowned jewels upon your head and your musical diamonds.

What will be next for the young singer and rapper who has stolen the world’s hearts with his music? Make sure to stay up to date to see if Drizzy is able to beat out the Real Slim Shady and his record!


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