Logic Links Up With Pusha T on New Song “Wrist”

Logic has been hinting to his new album that is to release very soon, by dropping single after single. Next up is the song he premiered his new single “Wrist” on Zane Lowe’s Beats 1 Radio Show Tuesday.

And of course the song gets to be accompanied by the Def Jam artist Pusha T. This single is a follow up to his past track that he revealed to us last week, “Flexicution.” Looks like we are seeing a pattern here.

Logic Mural

In an interview with Zane, Logic explained how this song “Wrist” the was inspired by a drug lord character that he just so happened to fabricate out of his own mind.  Pusha  was down with the idea, went with it, and well, given that Pusha had a similar past of his own, he joined into collaborate. The song even has the familiar and killer one liner Pusha had already gotten fans to utilize via Twitter, “Curry over Kobe.”

The song opens up with an operatic cry, sweet and gentle, and then breaks into an intensive beat that is perfect to flick your wrist to and turning up the hype level. “Wrist” was produced by both Logic and 6ix. With his notable fast-paced delivery, Logic spits his lines, and then Pusha T enters with his verse relaxed and in control.

Pigeons & Planes / Logic

Together, the rap duo create a unique track that could definitely have the potential of being a summertime hit.
Logic released his sophomore album The Incredible True Story last year in 2015, with great hits like “Lord Willin'” and “City of Stars.” After that, the young Maryland-native took it on tour, and is currently paving the road of the country to go share some of his fire with his fans.hit the road almost immediately after. Making special features on his tour include YG, G-Eazy, and Yo Gotti, on this tour called the Endless Summer tour- go figure. The artist has clearly been hard at work in the studio while he is not performing his heart out, showing that he is not going to let his fans forget about him so easily. Clearly he’s been putting in work in the studio in the downtime he has, and chances are we may be in for another project soon.

You can listen to the song here at Apple Music:


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