All That We Know About Childish Gambino’s Wonderous Pharos Event

Not too long ago, a tweet was published on Friday by Childish Gambino who had been incognito for so long. The mysterious message led everyone to a strange app called Pharos, where answers were made to the impending questions of fans.


Though there were some news from a Los Angeles studio session with a choir, it seemed that Gambino had stepped out of the music realm and into Donald Glover’s cinematic role in Atlanta, a FX television series to premiere in September. Music devotees were heartbroken until…Pharos.

That single tweet of a mere link to an app was all it took to get people talking, and as soon as you downloaded it, you would be transported through space to Earth, then to a pinpoint of Joshua Tree, California, for something extremely special and possibly an event that would lead to an unworldly experience.

There was a timer as well that was clearly counting down to that day that should be marked in all of calendars as eerie, bass sounding choir music played heavily in the background. What we found when we sped up the music? The sounds became choral, a piece of an actual, real Gambino track. What?!

This was the announcement to be told: Gambino has a new album (yes!) that he will be presenting in September, at this location and this location only, and the whole weekend will be an ultra-musical live experience for those who attend the campgrounds.

Gambino Tweet

We learned more though today when the exclusive $99 tickets were made available for pre-sale. The contemporary R&B star added a bonus point that these particular days will be the only performances he will have this year! Talk about playing hard to get.

Those who purchased tickets through the app also received limited edition digital guidebooks that revealed a twelve-slide scroll screen consisting of extremely philosophical and existential questions like “Why are we here?”, a deep yet vague discussion on the universe and God, rules & regulations for the occasion like “No irony”, and accusations and assumptions of humanity and its connection to the internet era.  He accompanied each solid black slide with a beautiful image. One in particular is the custom-mountain Kanye West fabricated for his 2013 Yeezus Tour!

You can listen to the sped up instrumentals from the app here now:

Many people have begun speculating what the music will be like, and what it has to do with the name “Pharos.” True fans of the Great Gambino know that he has had a storyline unfolding throughout his career, so this is just another piece of the puzzle. Pharo sounds very similar to “pharaoh,” meaning an ancient Egyptian king. Some recall that back in 2014, Glover had an in-depth interview with Complex where he praised coders for being so intelligent and compared them to the likes of Gods. He said, “I don’t want young black kids to aspire to be rappers or ballers. Even lawyers and doctors—those are service positions. I want them to be coders. They can make their own worlds then. They don’t need anybody else. I love hearing those kids’ ideas, all these kids on the Internet. The excitement of making something, that’s the spark of God.”

Well, said, sir.

Joshua Tree, CA / Gambino
Joshua Tree, CA

Gambino hinted, “the vibration code name for this Pharos is…” So, Pharos is not a singular word? But rather, it may be numerous Pharos, Phari? Maybe they’re phrases? Maybe they are each and every person or device who come to the 3-day festival?

Well, as we keep pondering, Glover is creating merchandise to trademark Pharos, so that we can all share in that omniscient connection together and continue to wonder in unity.

Apparently, the Friday and Saturday divisions of the event already sold out in just a matter of minutes, and so Glover had  to add late-night showings that are currently available.

Below are a few screenshots of the Digital Guide for those who bought the ticket. So this is your sneak peek! A map of the location is also included, in which it is labeled as a “holy place,” and is broken into five sections: watering hole, parking lot, the pond, camping ground, and venue. Tickets are now available still through the app, which you may download on your iPhone or Android for your own musically spiritual and experiential adventure.

donald-glover-pharos-1-225x400donald-glover-pharos-2-225x400 donald-glover-pharos-3-225x400 donald-glover-pharos-4-225x400 donald-glover-pharos-5-225x400donald-glover-pharos-4-225x400 donald-glover-pharos-6-225x400 donald-glover-pharos-7-225x400 donald-glover-pharos-8-225x400 donald-glover-pharos-9-225x400 donald-glover-pharos-12-225x400 donald-glover-pharos-11-225x400


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